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Default Re: Rv towing question about rear overhang.

We used to tow a 24 ft with a 27 foot gasser RV. The rear frame was braced up and was fine. It was a handful in the wind and scary if you needed to stop in a hurry. I would think a bigger trailer smaller RV would be worse.

Originally Posted by sst1226 View Post
Going to resurrect this thread with a related question. Looking for an inexpensive starter motor home that is just enough to sleep, shower and escape the elements at the races. Think I may have found it in a Winnebago Warrior 22 from the early 90s. Brochure calculates to a length to wheelbase ratio of 54% (137” wb, 21’-11” length per the manual). Looking to tow a 28’ Haulmark Edge with full wooden cabinets and a 2900lb door car, so not a light unit and probably a lot of tongue weight. The Warrior looks like it has minimal rear overhang past the rear axle so good chance it may have a full frame.

Not looking to take long trips, roughly 70 miles tops from home, Maple Grove, Atco, Cecil. Mostly flat highway drives. I live 20 minutes from Cecil and run 75-80% of my races there.

Anyone tow with one of these short motor homes? Thoughts on this combo? Can I get away without a toad?
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