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Originally Posted by reknapp52 View Post
This might have been discussed previously, but couldn't find anything. I know that staging "skinny" vs. deep staging will change 60 ft times and ET. Some racers have stated that down-track split times will remain the same. In my experience, any slower 60 ft time tends to compound itself going downtrack. Any similar experiences? For example, .015 slower 60 ft. might equal .05 slower ET.
In my opinion, it depends on the type of racing. Are you running wide open? Then yes, I agree your et loss will multiply going down the track. If 60' slows .015, then I would expect my 1320 et to slow about .03.
But if I'm on the stop, my car is closer to a 1:1 ratio. Example, if I slow .01 to 60', then I will be about .01 slow to 1320. I feel the throttle stop kinda resets the run.
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