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Default Re: Stock and Super Street....

Marty Ganjoin runs a 69 camaro in D1 that is a "stocker " more than many legit Stockers. Calvert rear suspension on 9" tires and his car hits the tree with fairly large front tires, and hundreds of pounds over the 2800 minimum . I'd say around 26"inchers. Uses a small , 427 based big block. [ not Keiths version of a 427 !!]
Marty;s been A Division champion ,Jegs Allstar ,MASSA Super Street champion with it ,so I'd say yes , you can easily do it.
Might take a little work to hit the tree to .00's ,but very doable .
The wheelstand is not a big issue and might just help with the reaction time on the Pro tree.
The biggest issue you might have is your competitors rushing to stage first against you since they know you''re footbraking .
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