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Default 2020 ASRA Schedule

Here is the schedule for the 2020 ASRA Racing Season

Race 1: Sunday, May 17th (Lebanon Valley Dragway)

Race 2: Saturday, June 27th (Lebanon Valley Dragway)
Race 3: Sunday, June 28th (Lebanon Valley Dragway)

Race 4: Saturday, July 25th (New England Dragway)
Race 5: Sunday, July 26th (New England Dragway)

Shoot Out: Saturday, August 8th (New England Dragway)
Race 6: Sunday, August 9th (New England Dragway)

Potential Rain Dates:
Saturday/Sunday June 6th & 7th
Saturday/Sunday July 11th & 12th

This schedule is subject to change but as always, the BOD and track management will do their best to adhere to these dates. Please note that ASRA is not locked into any rain dates.
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