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Default Towing with older, low powered diesel pusher?

Have any folks on here tow, or used to tow with an older (mid 90's) diesel pusher that has a fraction of the power and torque of the newer MH's, or even our pickups actually ?

I found a good deal on a clean, nice little 1994, 30', 5.9 6BT Cummins/Allison pusher. It is only 210 HP, 475 FT*Lbs. It has a mechanical Bosch 'P' injection Pump, and I am very familiar with getting those up to way, way more power. BUT, it only has the AT-542 4-speed Allison, not the big 6 speed, and my reading on it, says it will not be happy with much over 275 HP/550 Ft*lbs.

So I was wondering if anyone had towed with a lower power pusher MH, just how painful is it?

My trailer is right around 9,000 Lbs loaded.

I don't have to go 75 MPH up long highway grades, but also don't want to be in the shoulder with the hazards on going 30MPH either.......
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