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Default Re: Dedenbear Lightning Plus Delay Box

Looks like you will need to run the starting line enhancer from the STOPA output, and your throttle stop controller from the STOPB output.

Your STOPA setting will need to be set to START LINE CNTRL PRESTAGE for Pro Tree racing. When in this setting, you would press the bump-down button when pre-staged, or a little before. Then you can put your foot to the floor and finish the staging process. Once both you and your opponent are fully staged, push the transbrake button and the car will go wide open throttle automatically.

When bracket racing, you would use the STOPA setting of START LINE CNTRL TIMED: 1.000. You can use any duration of time you like, but I use 1 second in my car. Same staging procedure but the car will go wide open throttle 1.000 seconds before the transbrake releases.
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