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Default Re: radial tire in super gas?

Originally Posted by ausby View Post
my car normally works great. it just all of a sudden does this. I put tires on and im good for another 100 passes. I took some slow motion video of robs car and I think rocks are falling out of his car causing his issue. how many passes do people usually get out of a set of slicks doing this type of racing versus bracket racing? im sure leaving at 5000 is harder on tires than 3500
High HP cars ,1000+ , will usually start loosing reaction time and 60' consistency between 60 -70 runs . Depending on how hard the car launches .
I give my tires to a Super Street racer who gets another 50 to 60 ,or until I give him the next set.
Like Gary said ,track prep at Div/Nat races is good for a soft leaving radial car ,but I wouldn't trust it to be there for 6-7 rounds of Super Gas .
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