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Default Re: Mid Atlantic .90 Season Finale presented by Comp Cams

Originally Posted by X-TECH MAN View Post
I used to love the concept of S/G and S/C, and S/ST when it all first came out but that was BEFORE the electronic throttle stops came to be. Now its the most boring thing I have ever seen. Start and stop then go again is BS. That is NOT drag racing. No wonder the spectators go for a hot dog or to the bath room when you guys come out to play but I do love the cars themselves. Instead of building an inexpensive engine to run a little under the index then use a manual throttle stop most are building expensive large engines to run the Hi MPH and relying on electronics ! I would imagine more cars would be in competition if the electronic do-dads were outlawed. I know I will catch crap for this post but go ahead. Regular bracket racing is more fun to race in and/or watch. Without the spectators you have NOTHING !
Ok, this is America and you have your right to your thoughts and opinion on this site until Ken or one of the Admins feel you go to far. Why this was brought up in a topic for an event that I'm trying to promote is beyond me (Unless your trying to help me get hits and if so Thank You). If you had an issue with throttle stop racing, etc then start another thread in the .90 form, please respect my series and not hijack it to voice your thoughts. I have busted my rear-end to bring this series to where it is today by a lot of late nights and early mornings basically doing this for free and on my own dime. I hate to tell you the majority of spectators leave for a hot dog or soda when ANY sportsman class comes up to the line. If your not a street outlaw or John Force then the regular people don't care to see you, only the diehard, older people or who grew up in the sport. Even PRO MOD which in my opinion is one of the coolest classes around you see people leave the stands. I watch everything and have a lot of friends in Stock/SS, Comp and Alky but, I don't go over to bash them about crying, HP Adjustments or Quotas, etc.

Yes, many moons ago NHRA should have maybe put some type of limit on how fast and how long they are on the stop for but, this has been going on for years since Jeggie ran Super Gas with an old Pro Stocker and John and the B&M Dragster used to go 200mph in the 1990's in Super Comp.

These people are racers and they spend their hard earned money they same way we do and put their pants on the same way as the rest of us do and if they want to go Throttle Stop Racing, or Stock/SS Racing or drive their cars backwards then so be it. One day we'll all be sitting back going "Remember the good old days" as were watching electric Tesla's (YAWN) race each other.

So please respect my series and respect my event with your posts.
Rob Keister
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