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Thumbs down Re: Mid Atlantic .90 Season Finale presented by Comp Cams

I used to love the concept of S/G and S/C, and S/ST when it all first came out but that was BEFORE the electronic throttle stops came to be. Now its the most boring thing I have ever seen. Start and stop then go again is BS. That is NOT drag racing. No wonder the spectators go for a hot dog or to the bath room when you guys come out to play but I do love the cars themselves. Instead of building an inexpensive engine to run a little under the index then use a manual throttle stop most are building expensive large engines to run the Hi MPH and relying on electronics ! I would imagine more cars would be in competition if the electronic do-dads were outlawed. I know I will catch crap for this post but go ahead. Regular bracket racing is more fun to race in and/or watch. Without the spectators you have NOTHING !

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