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Default Re: NMCA Super Bowl at Joliet

Ok, I will add my two cents. The NMCA folks were happy to see us. One fellow was even in the return road during Tech and told me so. He was happy to see an NHRA class car and was hoping to increase their car count. Tech went smoothly if a little slow. When called to the lanes, we didn't sit there half the afternoon. As for track prep, my sources tell me they went through 5 1/2 55 gallon drums of VHT over the weekend. How many will NHRA use?
This is their version of Indy, with both associations running. My only complaint was the running of the True Street class on Sat. afternoon. They did have over 130 cars in that class and I know you cater to those who spend the most but we could have run our first round before all that madness.
My only suggestion would be that if you do decide to drag out the old ride, get re acclimated to it so you can find first gear in the dark.. That still stings.
Did I mention that they are posting $500 for low qualifier at the upcoming Norwalk event? Would I do it again? Sure. Will I see you there?
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