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Default Re: NMCA Super Bowl at Joliet

Copied from FB..........

Stock and SuperStock racers. After this past weekend running with these folks, I can tell you that we have another place to get out and race. NHRA, IHRA classes. Crate Motor cars, SS Production cars, Stock GT cars, and whatever else. Current NHRA HP ratings are used for the most part. IHRA Indexes are used. Coan is the sponsor for the group. Gang, they welcome us to come and race. Rollie, being one of THE MAIN tech people, if not the main guy, is a former SS champion. Don't have a NMCA Membership? So what. Talk to Jamie Fasbender and make her do some work. They will make it very easy for you to join in the fun, and try to keep your same current number. We had 33 cars laddered for this weekend. We should have had more. You have the ability to show up early Sat morning to get the final qualifying run in. Though I do not suggest that. Why? TRAFFIC! If you cant get in and get through tech, then you miss the run. Then you don't race. Strict on the ruling there. Protests are available, should you want to call out someone. So don't come in and think you can run a bracket motor here and get away with it either. Scale in effect, fuel check is not an issue. Heads up races are not in effect. It gives everyone a chance to win a round. Though us hardcore class racers want that heads up race........... I'm OK with this part of it here. It helps the laid back part of the program. Track prep is a non issue. You stick guys would be able to cut it loose. I watched many bolt action cars fall on their face. Contingency sponsors are there. Some we are used to seeing. Some fresh ones to us. There are only 6 races in the eastern side. Sorry to say that its difficult for the western coast crowd to come and play. By now, you are asking why I chose to post this. We all want a place to race, have a good time, and be able to pick up a few bucks maybe. This is a group who is at least trying to allow for that. I give them a lot of credit for what they did this weekend. For never being there, we were welcomed with open arms. For Jeff Frees, who won the race, I believe he was also welcomed with a trophy, beer, champagne, and at least $1250.00. Drag that old car out that is not super competitive and go race it. Go see your old friends and have a good time. Even if its the only race you go to in a year.
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