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Default Re: 2011 Mustang V-6 Auto

Originally Posted by Jakeman View Post
Thank You Mr. Nees. The factory has it at 305hp.
I think you are mis-taking what Billy is saying... NHRA has the HP at 260... it matters not what Ford sold the car as. With an NHRA rating of 260 Billy does not feel like it will be a rocket against the index. We all realize it probably makes more than 260 that doesn't necessarily mean it's a competitive combo compared to others.. should be okay but probably not a combo where you can go 1.00 under without considerable testing and $$.

It seems to me to be a combo much like the Foxbody we have. Can be fairly solid with enough $$ but will never be a rocket ship against the index no matter what we spend. Still a fun car and we beat it to death as a bracket car...

It's more than paid for itself bracket racing which is much more than most stock/SS cars can say.
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