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Default O2 Reading

Hello All.
I just installed a Race Pak in my car over the winter.
Now to learn and understand what I'm looking at.

However I do have a question about the O2 Sensors.
I have 1 in each header collector.
565 RM BBC Makes just over 1000 HP, 1150 Gas Dominator Carb.

Any feed back on what the readings should be? I know every motor is different, but there should be a starting # .
I have only made a couple all out 1/8 mile, pass so far and it appears my readings are 1380 ish.

Is this to high, or to low for a Gas Carb?
What should I be trying to get to?

Thanks for any replies.
Cal SST 1177
Just a 1st Rd Duck looking for a win.
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