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Default Re: A little perspective on how fast the new cars are

Originally Posted by Ed Wright View Post
As does a new pickup truck.
Amen brother...was researching adding a truck to pull the trailer when I don't want to take the motorhome for just a day of testing or such and GULP, $30K for something halfway capable of pulling an open trailer and that's the final cost, MSRP's 40K plus.

Should have never sold the dually 5 years ago...back to the thread though, when I licensed with Frank Hawley his Firebirds were running 9:20's with high 140's and that's a full chassis car with 14/32's of course. Felt plenty quick...and these stockers are going much faster on 9 inch thanks for my old carcass. Don't know how much the really fast guys have in these stockers but has to be over 200K.
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