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Default Re: Carz 4 kidz update

Originally Posted by barnca2010 View Post
That is Minnesota. This is NH and my name is Chris and i dont want or need the money.. i want to to help send kids to camp.. alot of the stuff they are selling i am paying for out of pocket. And i am not looking to gain financially... Now that you have heard directly from the source as to the unfounded accusations.. Would you be interested in taking a chance to win?
I was just stating the money raised in Minnesota does not stay here. Their adds are constantly played on the radio stations here because people in our area are good "givers" or they would not continue as they do. It was stated by the Minnesota Attorney General that most of the money raised went to camps for children in the eastern states. It is great that you are taking time to help send the kids to camp that might never have the chance to do so. I never said that what you are doing is nothing less than honorable. No thanks on the ticket.
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