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Default David Kennedy will be live Monday night.

Well hello everyone on this fine freezing night. RACERS NEWS NETWORK Presented by Str8Line Performance & Automotive AND Scottiewheels Racing will be live this Monday night at 7 PM EST. We have been watching a lot of the message boards recently and have noticed that NHRA Contingency seems to have been, and continues to be a hot button issue.
We have reached out to David Kennedy from NHRA. And he is going to join us Monday night to not only talk about how the racers make there claims, but the entire program itself. From its humble beginning in a multi drawer file cabinet. To the digital age. We hope you will tune in and check us out live Monday night. We will be live on zoom and will be streaming live on facebook RACERS NEWS NETWORK. Brought to you by Str8Line Performance Live
So be sure to join us and if you have questions please feel free to post them and we will ask David.
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