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Chumly 10-02-2018 05:08 PM

Rock Haas first ever GLPTA Champion
Dragway 42 was the place that was to determine the GLPTA championship this past weekend and we were not let down. Saturday saw the best turn out of the season as 32 Super Rod cars showed up to do battle at the beautiful track in West Salem, Ohio. It soon became apparent that it was going to be a Rock Haas weekend as all the top points earners dropped out early. No one had anything for Rock as it came down to the final round just like the previous week, Rock Haas versus Ken Bowers. It was a close race as Rock’s .013 reaction bested Ken’s .018 and Ken’s 6.397 was a bit too fast as Rock clocked an almost perfect 6.406. What a battle! The bad spot of the weekend happened at the end of this pass as Ken Bowers’ beautiful Advanced Chassis Corvette was involved in a crash at the top end. The car was badly damaged, but Ken walked away with no injuries except to his pride. Cars can be replaced but people like Ken are originals and everyone was happy that he was not injured. A special thanks to the emergency workers of Dragway 42 for handling the incident in a fast and professional way. It was not the way we wanted the day to end but it could have been much worse. Ron Lower was the unfortunate winner of the Lagos Farms “Losin’ Light” award and the “Perfect Package Prize” went unclaimed and rose to $800.

Sunday started with a lite drizzle but soon turned into a gorgeous day for racing and once again Rock Haas continued his winning ways proceeding to the final round to square off with Tom Dimond’s roadster. Just like the previous day Haas .0160 light and 6.4097 ET to Dimond’s .0231 and 6.4088 ET proved he deserved the season championship. Paul Fidler was the recipient of the Lagos Farms “Losin’ Light” award and although no one had a perfect package, the “Perfect Package Prize” was awarded to Tom Dimond for his best of the day .0098 RT 6.4088 ET in round 2. Tom picked up a cool $800 for the season long prize. The racing was great all weekend and our hat’s off to all the racers who made it a fantastic season. Thank you for your support.

tiremaster 10-03-2018 04:45 PM

Re: Rock Haas first ever GLPTA Champion
Congratulations Rock..

rk3800 12-01-2018 01:15 PM

Re: Rock Haas first ever GLPTA Champion
How are you Chumly? Long time no see. Hope everything is fine with you. Roger K.

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