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BKSG1198 03-02-2021 03:01 PM

Top Challenge (TS & TD) at Maple Grove for 2021
2021 Dates and Info:

All NHRA Rules and Indexes apply:
May 22nd & 23rd - Sportsman Circuit shootout to be teamed up with the Mid Atlantic .90 Association (2 races). Weekend before the Lucas Race.
July 16th - 18th - Part of the Super Chevy Series Event (1 Race)
August 28th & 29th - The .90 Nationals and Top Shootout (2 Races).
Sept 17 - 19th - Dutch Classic NHRA Race ( 1 Race)

For those wishing to sign up for yearly points in the Top Challenge Series (Top Dragster and Top Sportsman only). The form is now available on the link below. Membership is $50.00 if you sign up before 1st round of the May 22nd event, after that it will go up to $60. We will count 5 out of 6 events including the August 28th & 29th events towards the total points so you will get one drop this year. Hope to see you all come out and support this series!

Entry: $150 (This will be for the May 22nd, 23rd, July Super Chevy Event, August 27th) events only. The big Top Shootout race will be August 28th and that is $250 and the Dutch is $200

Payouts based on $150 entry for 2021:

16 Cars:
Winner: $1,300
R-Up - $550
Semi - $175

20 Cars:
Winner: $1,500
RUP: $700
Semis - $325
3rd - $100

30 Cars:
Winner: $2,000
RUP - $1,000
Semis - $300
3rd - $125

40 Cars:
W: $3,000
RU: $1,100
Semis - $500
4th - $175
3rd - $100

48 Cars:
W: $3,400
RU: $1,200
Semi - $575
4th - $225
3rd - $100

BKSG1198 04-14-2021 10:08 AM

Re: Top Challenge (TS & TD) at Maple Grove for 2021
Remember TS & TD guys and gals, May 22nd & 23rd you will also be included with the .90 group at Maple Grove for Race # 1 & 2 of the Top Challenge Series at the Grove. A perfect opportunity to get some test hits in & park before the Lucas Race the following weekend.
Points Signup before 1st round (Base of Tower) - $50 ($60 after first round), we count 5 out of 6 towards your overall total points for the year, so you get one throwaway.
Entry: $150 per day / $15 Crew per day
Remember the May 22nd event will have a $50 bonus for TS winner from Racers News Network and $200 for Best Overall Package in TS from Bill and Meredith Howard Janke!

BKSG1198 04-22-2021 10:58 AM

Re: Top Challenge (TS & TD) at Maple Grove for 2021
Maple Grove Raceway would like to welcome Competitive Suspension to the family of sponsors. Competitive Suspension is now the Series sponsor of the Top Challenge Series. Thank you and welcome to the family! Be sure to visit their website at and see all the great products for sale.

BKSG1198 05-08-2021 09:39 AM

Re: Top Challenge (TS & TD) at Maple Grove for 2021
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Thanks to Cathy Kundratic and Powder Coat Finishes, we will be handing out these awesome trophies to the winners in both Top Dragster and Sportsman at all the Top Challenge events for 2021!

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