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gnicholson 07-08-2019 06:47 PM

msd ignition box
i have a 7al2 box on my car ive used forever that still works fine.i keep ruining starter drive return springs on my Hitachi gear reduction starters. currently i have no start retard on the car. i do have a starter saver on the car that isn't hooked up. i have been hesitant to use it due to all the reported missing problems with those things. anyway i think the starter cranking the engine at 38 degrees and occasionally kicking back is the main problem. Anyway I'm thinking about hooking the start retard up or buying 7al3 box as i dont have a spare or stepping up to a grid. i like simplicity and reliability is my main deterrent but it would be nice to program a curve .maybe add 8 degrees or so on the throttle stop like a vacuum adv but then again more stuff to screw up the consistency. reading the msd grid thread and thought i would get opinions

Hacksaw 07-09-2019 07:46 AM

Re: msd ignition box
Look at the 7al2 plus.

Lenny5160 07-09-2019 09:04 AM

Re: msd ignition box
You can also go 'half-Grid' and use the 7730 controller with your 7AL-2.

SST159 07-09-2019 01:09 PM

Re: msd ignition box
I replace my starter spring every winter. When I do so the old one is shot. They just don't last long plus its a good piece of mind. Not hard to do if your able to remove and install the starter without a big hassle. I wouldn't think it has much to do with engine kicking back. I run 39 degrees without any retard or start assistance. It only kicks back once in a while.

gnicholson 07-10-2019 06:58 PM

Re: msd ignition box
thanks for the reply. has anyone played around with a digital advance curve? say a little less timing at torque peak and maybe another 6 degrees while on the stop and say 3 or 4 degrees at the top end over best torque peak timing? be interesting to try. would definitely show a little leaner on the stop with more timing although you would have to close the throttle a little more. definitely more efficient. i think a few degrees more on the top would help too.

Keith 944 07-10-2019 07:09 PM

Re: msd ignition box
Keep in mind every change in t-stop setting changes where this timing change would take place But please try and let me know how it works

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