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cal 04-30-2019 11:40 AM

O2 Reading
Hello All.
I just installed a Race Pak in my car over the winter.
Now to learn and understand what I'm looking at.

However I do have a question about the O2 Sensors.
I have 1 in each header collector.
565 RM BBC Makes just over 1000 HP, 1150 Gas Dominator Carb.

Any feed back on what the readings should be? I know every motor is different, but there should be a starting # .
I have only made a couple all out 1/8 mile, pass so far and it appears my readings are 1380 ish.

Is this to high, or to low for a Gas Carb?
What should I be trying to get to?

Thanks for any replies.
Cal SST 1177
Just a 1st Rd Duck looking for a win.

gmonde 04-30-2019 07:08 PM

Re: O2 Reading
there are several variables , where are the o2 sensors located in the header? any race mufflers? if they are located in the collector the readings will tend to be lean ,, it has been suggested to locate them in a primary tube , however the reading will be for that one cylinder but will give you a more of accurate o2 number

13.80 is a lean number(but with open headers that's more than likely in the game ),, add some jet to it and see how the car reacts to it(should richen it up ) ,, mid to high 12's is ideal

my o2s are located in the collector but my collector is tapered and long for the stock application,, mine read high 12's low 13's

Tom Goldman 05-01-2019 11:22 AM

Re: O2 Reading
Hi Cal. If you are going to Atco this weekend .I can give you a quick crash course on what to look for .
O2's in the collector can be difficult to get real world readings on a throttle stop car. Stockers use them in the collector ,but usually just to let the car fine tune in closed loop mode.
The top tuners use individual cylinder readings.
The best readings are gained from an individual cylinder about 12" or less from the port .
You also need to go into the configuration file for the O2 and smooth out the graph peaks so you can get a readable average reading.
13, 14 To one AFR in the collector is not necessarily too lean . At an individual cylinder it might be in the mid to high 12's .
You also have to make sure you have done a free air calibration on the Sensor.
.90 throttle stop cars usually like around 12.8 -13.2 AFR.

cal 05-02-2019 08:52 AM

Re: O2 Reading
Good morning.
Thanks guys.
Tom I'll see you at VMP in a couple weeks, going to try SG again.
Of course just for 2 weekend a year LOL

Cal SST 1177
Just a 1st rd Duck looking for a win!

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