NHRA Southern Nationals Winners

NHRA Southern Nationals is in its 39th year and it looks like weather will be a factor again on day 1. Fortunately there was only brief shower Friday afternoon, racing resumed and was finished on schedule. Stock, Super Comp and Super Gas ran first round on day 1. Super Stock had class, first round for them and the rest of the sportsman was on Saturday. Except for the brief shower the weather was nice throughout the weekend.


Comp: Craig Bourgeois over Brian Browell

Bourgeois was hit a few times by the cic in this four round race. Browell was clean, and looked as if he had the performance advantage going into the final. Browell did have a slight performance advantage in the final, but Bourgeois had the better light, .018 to Browell’s .054. Bourgeois gets the hole shot win and brings homes his 10 NHRA national event win.


Super Stock: Aaron Stanfield over Brandon Bakies

This race was a close one, and as always it comes down to the numbers. Stanfield has been hammering the tree all week, Bakies was also doing his job on the tree. Stanfield has a .014 light and is .018 over his dial, Bakies is .019 on the tree and .016 over his dial. At the stripe it was Stanfield by .0037 for the win. Stanfield now has 5 NHRA national event wins.


Stock: Chip Johnson over Jeff Warren

This final ended quick with both drivers going red, fortunately for Johnson, he left second. Both drivers had similar red lights, but it matters not as the first to go red is the loser.  Johnson gets his first NHRA national event win.


Super Comp: Trene Cressonie over Shannon Brinkley

Brinkley is coming of a runner up in Super Gas last week at Charlotte, Cressonie is looking for his first win. Cressonie is on time with a .008 light and runs .019 under , a tough package to beat. Brinkley goes red big, -.130 and Cressonie gets his first NHRA national event win.


Super Gas: Jim Perry over Rich Price

Both drivers are within a .001 on tree, both drivers breakout within .001 of each other. The numbers are on Perry’s side as they cross the stripe in a dead heat breaking out by only .006 to Price’s .007. Perry takes his 6th NHRA national event win.


Top Dragster: Clint Riley over Steve Cohen

Riley is looking for his first win, Cohen has been here many times. Cohen has been on the tree the whole race, but pushes it in the final with a .-004 red light. Riley has .018 light and .042 over his dial, but its all he needed to get his first NHRA national win.


Photos By – Auto Imagery

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