Frank Aragona Jr. 2018 Comp National Champion

Winning a World Championship in any driver’s career would have to be his or her biggest accomplishment, Frank Aragona Jr will now have the #1 on his car for the 2nd time in his career. Aragona started his season off in Orlando, FL as many drivers from the north do when we want to ditch the snow for a few weeks and relive the bright thing in the sky. He would make it to the final round but fall short and due to low car counts only give him 64 points. 2 weeks later he would try his luck in Gainesville, FL with the divisional and national event that were back to back, but unfortunately for him he would bow out in rd2 of the divisional giving him an eventual throw away 42 points and a relatively slow start. Gainesville national was next and the 3rd race of the year was the charm for Aragona as he would go the distance and capture his 1st win of the Championship season, gaining him 85 points and 2 finals thus far.

After a 191 point total so far and a month off from racing, Aragona was ready to get back to it with another 3 week bender in D1 land for the seasons first northern event in Richmond, VA. After some tough competition he was able to reach the semi finals and collect 63 valuable points. The following weekend a 4 hour tow south landed him in Charlotte, NC for the 4-wide national where he would yet again find the winner circle, going 2 for 2 nationally. Atlanta, GA was next giving him his 3rd national event, but would not make it worth his while with a throw away round 1 loss, ending these 3 event with another 189 points, bringing the total up to 380 in 6 events.

The next 4 races would be the most important for solidifying Aragona’s 613 winning point total as he would land himself in 2 final round and 2 semi-final finishes. Maple Grove divisional was good to him when he landed his 3rd win of the year and 95 points. Following that was Chicago national where he would take down the “allstar” event but load up after a semi-final finish, along with another 63 at the divisional event in Numidia, PA. Aragona would gain momentum again 2 weeks later at the Lebanon Valley divisional where he would line up for another final round and take 85 more points. Bringing his total to the winning 613 and making him 5 for 6 on final rounds when counting the allstar race.

Aragona started the year out with 2 finals in 3 events and leading the points chase from Orlando until Pomona. Although his score to beat was cemented after Lebanon Valley, Aragona continued to follow the NHRA national and divisional tour going to 20 events in total. Whether he did it to block the other contenders or to just be at the track and racing, Aragona spent the time, money, and effort to be able to rock the #1 in 2019. Chasing points and traveling all over the country is no easy task but Aragona knew what it would take to do it and definitely earned his 2nd World Championship.

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