NHRA Division One Champions Crowned

The 2018 Season has ended and in the Northeast Division the snow has started to fall and preparations for the 2019 season have begun. This year has been full of many pivotal moments for points, scorching temps, and many great memories gathered. Let’s break this down to see which drivers are going to hold the number #11 on their car.

Starting off with Stock Eliminator, Jimmy Daniels is going to represent the number 11 on his car in the 2019 season. He started off his year very well, claiming 72 points in his first race out, and carried the the momentum very well throughout the year. Only having one race where he bowed out first round. He went down south to chase points scoring a huge win to catapult his way into the top ten in points. With a shot at taking home the championship, he took the trip down to Noble. With his confidence at a high he captured 63 points, pushing him up to number one and locking down the championship. This was not his only success this year, he also won his third hemi challenge, in Indy. A very successful year on his part.


Switching lanes and going over to Super Stock, Joseph Santangelo II took home the championship. This one came down to Rockingham’s Divisional in Division Two, with the top six finishers in Super Stock all in attendance trying their best to capture victory. Going into the race Santangelo was trying to better a first round loss, only have claimed five races to date before Rockingham. Number two finnisher Shane Oakes, was only three points behind. Santangelo bows out round number four, Oakes is still in and needed to go to the final to win the championship. His opponent was .000, in the semi final ruining his chance at the division title. Just .001 away from a red light, and a number 11 on his car. With that round loss for Oakes, Santangelo takes home the Division Championship by ONE point.

Throttle stop on, we start off with the 10.90 Index class Super Street. We featured this driver a couple months ago when he was on his hot streak of 33 consecutive round wins, in his Porsche! That would be the man, Keith Mayers. With two wins on the season, on the Divisional Scene and one on the National, he had a season most of us dream about. Dominating week in and week out. Hanging the number 11 on his window next season.

One second faster, the 9.90 pops into our screen. This one was a fight to the end, Ray Sawyer ending up on top. Right behind him was Iggie Boicesco, 2006 Super Gas World Champion. With two wins on the season he achieved a points total of 374, nothing to bow your head about but it just wasn’t enough. Sawyer actually did not receive a Wally this year on the Divisional level, but his lowest points claimed for a race is 73, very impressive. He also on the divisional level did not lose in any race till round three another reason why on the National level in Super Gas he was the number three finnisher. Hats off to a great season Ray.

Moving into the fastest .90 class we rotate to the land darts, Super Comp. This class was won by the youngest competitor Kyle Bigley. Kyle is 21 years old, making him the youngest Division One Super Comp Champion. He had a very impressive season making it into three finals, and winning two of the races. Totaling 428 points, the points chase was pretty much ended at the divisional in Epping. Third round, number one and two in points faced off, Chris Garretson and Bigley, Garretson having wiring issues due to a fire previous day or two, Bigley coasted through with the easy win. Then picking up the race win, and pretty much locked down the 2018 Season with his name on top. He is also the representative for Division One next year for the Jeg’s All-Star Event.

Sticking to Dragsters we move into the, MXI/Magnaflux/Select Performance Top Dragster Series. There were a few still in mathematical chance of over taking champion Mark Payne. They also did make the trip to the West Coast, Alan Kenny and Jeff Taylor. Kenny bowed out second round, and could not better his score. Taylor had a motor lock up on him in the second round of qualifying, they thrashed and threw an untested motor in the car and unfortunately had issues, could have got real interesting if they car had stayed together. Payne also had himself two wins on the season one at Richmond then the other at Atco. He traveled down to Division Two for the Rockingham Divisional and bettered his scored by 12 points, they may not seem huge, but that knocked out a few racers of a mathematical chance. Great job this season.

The fastest door cars on the property every weekend cancels out every class except Top Sportsman. Michael Cerro will post the number 11 on his window in 2019. With this seeming to be a trend Cerro also posted two victories this season in his corvette. One coming earlier in the season at Numidia Divisional and the other on a Monday at Cecil County after Sundays racing got rained out. Cool to note that, it seems like it’s always a whole family operation, Cerro’s son, daughter, and wife always seem to be behind the car cheering him on. I’m sure that makes the success of this season that much better.

Last but not least, Competition Eliminator, newly wed Doug Doll Jr is coming home with the Division Championship, driving for Al Ackerman. He started the season off strong, taking home the win in Virgina at the first D1 event of the year. Then mid-season picking up another win at the Atco Divisional. All year trading spots back and forth with Frank Aragona Jr, the 2018 National Points Champion. Doll prevailed by 11 points for the championship. Third place was about 100 points behind, so all season was pretty much between these two drivers.

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