Dodge Mile High Nationals

The 1st stop on the western swing, as always was in Denver, CO for what always seems to be the least populated race of the year. Over the next month the NHRA Mellow Yellow series will be on tour on the west coast hitting 3 very different tracks in 3 consecutive weekends, making or breaking teams and their championship hopes. The bread and butter Stock and Super Stock classes had only 49 cars combine, which for reasons that I cannot imagine made them the smallest classes by far, the polar opposite of any other event. But the show must go on and did, with only 1 or 2 minor rain delays the race was completed on time with no shuffling of the schedule….call ripleys sportsman made more than 2 time trials….

Drew Skillman was able to track down Lane Weber in his V/SA 16 second stocker in the Stock Eliminator final. Skillman was very impressive swappin feet, being between .005-.020 all weekend as he pulled up to the final round with a 9.38 dial chasing the 16.47 of Weber. After 7 seconds of waiting Skillman was a decent .036 but had a bunch in the bag as Weber missed it bad with a .098. At the end of the track there was no stripe driving at that closing speed and both drivers ran under the dial, Weber by -.008 and Skillman by just 1 thou, giving him the win.

Super Stock: Chris Chaney

The Super Stock title out of a stout 17 car field had Chris Chaney prevailing for his 3rd ever wally. Chaney was given the slight head start over Shaun Vincent and hit the tree with his best light of the weekend at .012 but ran under his dial at 10.971 on his 11.00. Vincent was worse on the tree at .047 and more under his dial at 10.658 on his 10.71 which is never a recipe for success and handed the win over to Chaney. Competition Eliminator was guaranteed a home town winner as the entire class was made up of d5 racers, and after 4 rounds of racing had Don Thomas getting his 1st ever win over David Kramer. Both of these drivers came into the final down significant CIC, with Kramer taking a little bit more throughout the weekend. He may have pushed it to hard as he grabs it -.036 cherry, with Thomas already leaving first with a green .032 bulb, the win light was already in his lane and coasted to victory.

The slowest of the .90 or for this event the .50 classes had Brian Percival shutting out Michael Condon with a .024 package. Percival was off the line faster with a .009 light and ran 11.515 on the 11.50 index, which left Condon no room with a .028 reaction time. Super Gas winner was Michael Miller as Kevin Moore left 1 stinkin thou too quick, putting the power on in Miller’s lane with a .020 light for his 10th national event win. Last but not least the 9.50 category had Bill Percival leaving 2nd with a .005 reaction time to the .002 of the eventual winner David Hutchens. After leaving just 2 thou from perfect, Hutchens was set up a bit too fast running 9.453 on the 9.50 index. Luckily a big gust of tail wind must have came through because Percival ran even faster at 9.413, breaking him out by almost 9 hun for the L.

Top Sportsman would have Greg Lair defeating Monte Green for his 3rd national event win, with a .016 light Lair was able to run 7.028 on the 7.02 for a .024 total package. Green fell asleep at the wheel with a .083 let go and it was all over from there. Although Lair was the winner in this one, he might want to make sure his break pedal is in working order for the next as he got to the stripe by over .077 in a side by side race, would hate to have seen that board light up 7.019! Rick Milinazzo would be our last 1st timer as he makes a good, solid lap running 7.480 on his 7.47 dial with a .019 light. Runner up Josh Herman picked a bad time to miss the tree with a .039 light, although he ran dead on 4 to his 7.44 dial, he was mathematically ineligible giving the stripe to Milinazzo by .0144 (MOV).

Comp: Don Thomas

Stock: Drew Skillman

Super Comp: David Hutchens

Super Gas: Michael Miller

Super Street: Brian Percival

Top Sportsman: Greg Lair

Top Dragster: Rick Milinazzo





















Photos By – Auto Imagery

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