Chicago Recap and the dominate Lamb Motorsports performance

Home of the NHRA Route 66 Nationals and the JEGS Allstars event each year, Chicago has the absolute best drivers from each division coming to one race to battle it out for multiple titles in each category. The weekend went about as smooth as one could imagine with all of the classes being completed on time with no hiccups or setbacks. Although this year there was no true sportsman driver that completed a 1 car double up, meaning they won the Allstars event and the main event, the presence of Lamb Motorsports was known by days end on Sunday.

Jeff Adkinson

Not to take anything away from the other winners and runner ups on the weekend but when you have 3 cars from 1 camp going up for the final show, you are doing something right. Lamb found himself going for another 2 car double up with his trusty Cobalt and his less than a year old COPO Camaro, but ended up falling short in the final of Stock with a -.008 red light. Which meant Jeff Adkinson was the champion in Stock Eliminator with a .046 reaction time, running it under the 10.08 dial at 10.055.

Justin Lamb

Justin would then turn around to stage his SS/AM ride for the final round with a 8.52 dial and ended up running 2 hun over with a .030 light, which was better than the .049 light and 9.956 on the 9.94 dial by Dave Dupps Jr. The final piece to another dream weekend for Lamb Motorsports happened when Kyle Seipel won the wally in the Top Dragster category with a .018 total package.


Aaron Stanfield who already had a win this weekend when he won the Allstars in Super Stock laid down a great .011 reaction time and a 6.190 on a 6.18, but was a few thou short when Seipel was .010 and ran dead on 8 to his 6.72 dial for his 12th Wally.Another notable performance was by 19 year old .90 driver Koy Collier who also found himself in 2 final rounds. Unfortunately for him, but fortunate for Austin Williams, Collier lit the cherry -.009 handing the win over to Williams with a .027 light and a 8.898 lap. But Collier would later get redemption as he was crowned the Super Gas champion in a double breakout victory over Larry Bernshausen, Collier left second with a .026 compared to a .017 but was behind just enough at the stripe to run 9.881 to Bernshausen’s 9.878.

Mike Mans

The comp final round had Mike Mans defeating Greg Kamplain using a big holeshot to win his 4th career trophy. Mans left first with a .010 light and ran 8.166 which was about -.514 under, Kamplain made sure he wasn’t red with a .108 light and ran 6.780 but could make up the reaction time deficit. 10.90 came down to 2 Lousiana boys as Val Harmon took his .013 reaction time and 10.912 to a win over Cole Cummings who lost it at the starting line with a .038 and ran a similar 10.914.

And in about the weirdest final round your going to see this year, Top Sportsman had Don O’Neal grabbing his 2nd win of the season after Lester Johnson “supposedly” crossed the center line. O’Neal was out of the gate a little too eager with a -.004 light, with Johnson behind him with a -.011 light with the win light already on in his lane. After about the 330′ mark Johnson blew out a front tire and skated towards to center line, grazing a cone and disqualifying his run completely. Although O’Neal was red, the rule of thumb is “first or worst”, giving him the win.

Austin Williams

Koy Collier

Don O’Neal

Val Harmon







Photos By – Auto Imagery

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