Did you sharpen your skills?

Today I was on twitter, and I came across a tweet from Luke Bogacki saying, “The harder you practice, the luckier you get.” Which is talking about your preparation for a certain event. For us, that is the 2018 race season that is now upon us, and very soon you will be hitting the track. This is and was one very long, and cold off season with a lot of surprises. Did you do any preparation for this 2018 season?

Racers are always trying to help racers, and the man himself Luke Bogacki tried to get a hold of bracket racers wherever they may reside, to sharpen their skills when it comes to bracket racing. The first thing he did was to offer a free 10-Days of Christmas Informative Videos. These are an awesome resource that I recommend all racers to take advantage of. I believe you can still snag the videos if you sign up here, https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/305456?v=6#

The second thing he did, with also a few other heavy hitters on Facebook, they hosted an Off-Season Practice Tree Challenge. For the first two weeks, it was for the top bulb guys and gals. What they did is Luke and Kevin Brannon introduced a new challenge every day of the week. Each one to improve a certain part of hitting the tree, and they gave you the drills, ones they use for their everyday practice. Overall I found the the challenge to be and extremely helpful tool. For myself, I can usually hit the tree pretty well, but the challenges they had in place put you to the test. Showing me how bad my focus really was, when it came to hitting the tree almost 30x in a row. I kept with their challenges, I continue to do them everyday, and I’ve seen my spread go from usually .017 ish to close to .008-.010 on a daily basis. Oh no they did not stop there, the top bulb lasted for two weeks. Then they introduced the bottom bulb challenge also. Having challenges from Luke, Allison Smyth, Lee Zane, and a few more guys. I did not take part in it, but you can find all the challenges on Facebook.I highly recommend taking a look at it! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1639204593011445/

Why was this group so beneficial? Simply because it wasn’t just a boring practice tree sitting. You have goals that you wanted to meet and even better beat! The group has almost 4,000 racers in it, and everyday you would post your results. You would get feedback on almost every challenge, suggestions to help your individual self to get better. I would also like to add the tool I used to help me practice over this off-season, and that is the Porta-Tree NEXT Gen, all I can say is simply, wow. Love how easy it is to use, setup, and sharpen your skills. See everyone at the track soon, be the sharpest tool in the shed when you hit the track!

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