Top Ten Coolest Wagons

Who doesn’t love a Stock or Super Stock wagon. We list the top ten coolest wagons racing today. Tell us what you think, did we get it right or are we way off the mark. While there are many wagons competing today, these are the ones we see the most. Always known for cool wheelstands and never at a loss for traction, wagons are just plain cool. It was tough to pick just ten and we wound up with 11, so we put Jody Lang as number 11 on the featured front page. Always in the hunt for a championship, it was fitting for him to be on the home page.

10 - Troy Olsonawski 66 Malibu
10 - Troy Olsonawski 66 Malibu
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3 Comments to Top Ten Coolest Wagons

  1. Mark says:

    I like every one of those! I agree with Brent, Wayne Denklau’s 55 is awesome!

  2. Brent in Winnipeg says:

    Timothy Weinzapfel’s ’66 and Wayne Denklau’s ’55 are the coolest of the 11.

  3. Marty Buth says:

    How about Jack Mcarhty’s U/SA Kingswood wagon and and Ellis Buth’s W/s Pinto Wagon?

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