New Car Classes For Stock And Super Stock

Rumor has it that there will new classes created in Stock and Super Stock. These will be exclusively for the New Cars, defined as 2008 or newer, COPO’s, Mustang’s and Dragpak’s. Stick and Automatics will be combined. In stock. look for 6 classes with weight breaks that run from 6.00 to 11.99 In super stock there will be 7 classes with weight breaks from 5.5 – 12.49. I’m told there will be a announcement coming late October…..stay tuned.


Keystones 14 009

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  1. John Lang says:

    Would these classes be only for the Factory Race cars ? Or would they include the Street legal cars like mine ! I have a 2011 SRT392 legal street car ! My last name was spelled wrong by me !

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