Stock – the race to the 7’s

Rumor has it that David Barton in a COPO and Chris Holbrook in a Cobra Jet will be at the 45th Pennsylvania Dutch Classic trying to be the first Stock eliminator car in the 7’s. Early in the year David Barton ran an impressive 8.25. Chris Holbrook at the US Nationals ran a more impressive 7.23. Both cars were in Factory Stock Showdown trim, at a minimum weight of 3550. The COPO and the Cobra Jet are NHRA factored at 575 and will be able to remove 215 lbs to fit into FS/AA. With the right weather conditions and a good starting line the 7 second zone should be in reach. It all comes done to who can get the most power down to the 9 inch tire. It should be fun to watch these to giants of Stock Eliminator battle it out trying to make history at the Dutch Classic this fall.

dscn4365 dscn4117

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