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Dave Noll
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Default Re: racers beware

Originally Posted by 5939 View Post
For the people who think I should give him more time, Bill goes to work and runs his concrete company every day, but you think it's OK for him not to send me my parts.
Jim is trying to help me as much as he can and I thank him very much for that.
No I don't think its OK for him to not send you "paid for" parts. Bill stated his "bad health is killing him". I don't know what he has going on. This is all unfortunate.

You have a good friend in Jim.
Dave Noll, N/SA 6526
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Sean Marconette
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Default Re: racers beware


I have been wondering and hoping things were going in the right direction for you. It's very unfortunate that this is the update, and you still have not been given your money back or recieved the parts. Hope it turns around.

Sean Marconette
84 Mustang
5060 SS/N
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Default Re: racers beware

Originally Posted by Alan Nyhus View Post
Dave, is this one of the Track Boss Cleveland blocks?
No he is not.
The aftermarket Cleveland blocks are manufactured and sold by Tim Meyer.
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Rich Wallin
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Default Re: racers beware pm

5939 you have a PM, thanks
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Default Re: racers beware

Thanks Sox, nice link. Sounds like the guy, I hope everybody reads it and realize what I've been going through. This man cannot be trusted. To Alan, no its not. The track boss block is still in the development stages. To Rich, thanks for the P M, I will keep in touch.
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SSGT Mustang
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Default Re: racers beware

Contact the state attorney generals office and local law enforcement.
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james schaechter
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Thumbs down Re: racers beware

This Bill Diehl Guy is a bad bad person. The problem isn’t his health. No one wishes that on anyone. However, he has a long history of screwing people over locally with his business. He hides because he knows that people are after him. He has done this a long time. He started stealing from other car enthusiasts a while ago. Then he disappears from their website and he moves on to new audiences that don’t know him. This isn’t a one time deal where a guy just got over his head. He has a system that he employs over and over to get by. I offered to meet him and pick up the parts. Several times he even texted and said he was on his way, but running late, but in reality, he never had any intention of meeting with the parts. Then he goes on to whine about how the other people got such great deals and are happy..... like somehow it is ok to steal from every fourth person he deals with. Bill Diehl then said he was going to purposely wait because he was mad that public postings were made. Look, non of that had to happen, but he lied in every communication to them and to me and then stopped. If Dave had known this guy’s history, he would have never sent the money in advance. Bill Diehl does not want public postings, because more people will find out what s criminal he is. The more people that know about it, the harder it is for him to find his next victim.
I am hoping the legal system, will take care of this, but there appears to be a long line of people chasing this guy. Don’t trust him. Tell everyone. The one way to shut down a person that preys on others is to get the word out.

Oh and by the way, he doesn’t live in the house originally posted. He sold,that last September. He has multiple listings for a business to p.o. boxes only. He lives in Canton GA for now anyway, but he works out of town a lot. ( probably the word is out locally)
James Schaechter 3163 STK

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Jeff Niceswanger
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Default Re: racers beware

If any of you spend time on "Yellow Bullet" you will see Bills post quite frequently ... Yellow is a racing site for all types. Radical at times, but tons of viewers . I just had a look at Bills stats and he has had 19,605 Post since 2008. Averages 5.9 post per day.
Jeff Niceswanger 3740 SS
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Jim Wahl
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Cool Re: racers beware

I have no dog in this fight but it pisses me off to no end that someone like this is giving the sport I love a black eye and my fellow racers so much pain. Here is some info I found. Might be helpful to some of you guys:



Jim Wahl....NHRA #2239 S/SS - IHRA # 8 Stock, D2 Stock Champion (forever I guess)
President, Southern Stock / Super Stock Association.
SSSSA Forum Moderator

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Default Re: racers beware

Originally Posted by Bill Diehl View Post
Just made aware of this thread, yes i have the mans parts and yes I been in an out of the hospital, 3 times since christmas. but I did promise to ship his stuff and have not seen it through. Rich, your money will be on the way also. I understand it has been a long time for both of you, patients folks I will come thru

sorry for the hurt feelings everybody. The mans parts will be on the way to Minnesota

BTW,,,everybody has received there stuff in a timely fashion at a bargain price... Dave and Rich I left hanging again, sorry for the delay...bad health is killing me...imagine that
One thing is for certain, No one will be doing business with Bill here on ClassRacer in the future. .What comes around goes around,and ETERNITY is a very long time......

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