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FED 387
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Default Social Security increase?????

Just got my notice from the Social Security about my increase in benefits (2%) goes in to effect in January and the really big bonus is it went up by $24 per month the bad news is my Medicare part A&B premiums ALSO went up too $36-- so in 2018 I will be getting $11 less per month than I am currently getting in 2017.WOW I just jumping with joy here guys--- Now the even better news ( I just can't wait the suspense is killing me!!!!But I have to wait til April to hear the rest of the really great news) is I wonder how much my Blue Cross/Blue Shield supplemental insurance premium will be increasing--- Man the wife and I are going to go out and celebrate like its the end of World War ll all over agin the celebrations nationwide are going to be unbelievable--- FED 387

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Default Re: Social Security increase?????

Figure the check will be a heck of a lot more than my grandchildren will get when they retire at ____(fill in the blank but a WAG whatever it is).
Jim Carter
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Lew Silverman
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Default Re: Social Security increase?????

It's a classic "glass half-full or half-empty" dilemma isn't it? The 2% COLA is the largest it's been in a while but the cost of health care is going up! Just be thankful that they don't take anything away from us when the cost-of-living goes "down"! And besides, hopefully by next year we'll all find out where they plan on getting the money to shrink the 1 TRILLION DOLLARS they are adding to the deficit so that they can pass this new tax plan.
Lew Silverman #2070
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Default Re: Social Security increase?????

It is so unfortunate that the cost of heathcare in this country keeps going up. I have Veterans that can't afford the cost of Part B Medicare and opt out in hopes they can use the VA. The VA is already at a stress point in providing for the Veterans of this 15 year war. The problem is once you opt out of Part B you get fined to get back in, most people on Social Security can't afford to do this. As a Nevada Veterans Advocate I encourage Veterans to us the system, get a CHOICE Card and if it is an emergency, don't wait. GO TO ER!
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Mike Pearson
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Default Re: Social Security increase?????

I would be happy with a 2 percent raise.
Mike Pearson 2485 SS
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Default Re: Social Security increase?????

I actually gained $1.60 wo wo!

For those whinning about the tax cut what were you saying while Obama
ran up the debt TEN TRILLION in eight years!

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