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Default Re: Making Aluminum Heads Legal for all SuperStockers

Originally Posted by Al Kuehl View Post
You are the one that need's to start paying attention ! I said only if a cast iron head was not avalible . Then only if there was a H.P. adjustment . When the head porter's get ahold of the Aluminum head's they will just keep going until we have the same problem's with leaking that we do now . Everybody will just keep pushing thing's to the limit . Just an example a well know engine builder from the midwest told me
that Ron's porting service had some secret concoction that he coated the inside of his Aluminum head's with to stop them from leaking That is why we race Stock & Super Stock if we didn't want go faster we would be like the 90's racer's build a big motor and slow it down . There are a lot of us with good iron head's that can't afford to change . I can't afford to throw a good set of iron head's away and get some Aluminum head's . There are 2 thing's that will never be on my car Aluminum head's and a diaper . Every time there is a rule change all it doe's is raise the cost of racing . Even if it make's sense to start with NHRA will find a way to scew it up .
Al, and to anybody else; I never said that you had to run aluminum heads, all I am saying is that they should be and option for those whom want to go that route. There will always be some people like yourself that will always try to run the iron heads. I don't know what engine combo you run, but unless you are a chevy or ford , the availability of replacement iron isn't going to be that good, but your options in aluminum are alot better. Like I said before just look at the Edelbrock catalog. Also know matter what you say, aluminum will always be easier to repair than iron. You don't have to heat the whole head in an oven, therefore lossing all the seats, epoxy and valve guide trouble that often happens. So show me the up side of the iron head, be it a replacement or original. If the problem is that when you raise the hood you don't want to see aluminum, then paint the head the same color as the motor. Also the after market is more likely to want to produce replacement heads from aluminum rather than steel. And lets' face it they are going to be the ones producing the heads, not the manufacturers. As far as your argument about the cost, I already said that I have one of each, and besides the initial cost of the head the aluminum was cheaper. Nobody said that you had to run out and build an aluminum head motor tomorrow, but when those iron heads start to fall apart, which they will soon enough than you have another option when you have to do a new set.
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Default Re: Making Aluminum Heads Legal for all SuperStockers

Originally Posted by X-TECH MAN View Post
The ones we had came in the box and all had the same part numbers on the box. We had to check them to see which were 2,14 and which were 2.08. Have you tried to get them lately?
Nope we only need the 1 set for Ron's SSer. Next time on Bischoff's dyno we hope to clip the 800HP mark. Not a bogus number same dyno that many other SSers including Stacy's. Getting Grandpa to let her loose is a different story! (I tried to post pictures but the files are too big, look on my picture album.)

I have been through the process of trying to get alum heads approved for my Pontiac. NHRA has very tough guidelines for approving heads. The E-heads are virually identical to my 455SD heads, but they would not allow them because the combustion chamber numbers werent close enough to the stock 455SD heads. Dont think they will allow you to scoop them out cause they wont. Their exact words were that they werent going to allow us to make our own combustion chamber.

The reason you cant allow alum heads to be on all SSers is that you will have engines with passenger car HP ratings have the capability of high performance horsepower results. With the abortion done to the CC rules with some people getting 10, 20, up to 30 ccs extra, you can possibly get a 200HP rated motor making over 600 HP. Ooooops!! That has already happened!!!!!!!!!(about 5 motors I can think of probably more).

With the unscientific method of the AHFS and its slow correction factors....it will take 20 years to get them in line, then they all stop getting hit way before it is realistically finished. By design the AHFS keeps the bogus motors all at the top.
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Default Re: Making Aluminum Heads Legal for all SuperStockers

Originally Posted by Lynn A McCarty View Post
Dont think they will allow you to scoop them out cause they wont. Their exact words were that they werent going to allow us to make our own combustion chamber.
Lynn, your post was spot on about the AHFS. And as you said 600 ain't nothing. I just wanted to quote the above line to show how bogus the combustion chamber rule is. Heads are routinely welded and reshaped, material removed from the chamber itself. It all flies thru tech. The head shops quote and advertise it. And aluminum would make it much easier to hide, not that a good cast iron welder can't already do that on old heads. Everytime that something is allowed it is because some group is already doing it and instead of a vacation we all get a rule change/revision.
On the BBC aluminum replacement we did the guides and a comp valve job and back to backed steel and aluminum. Suffice it to say: Does anyone know who did the R&D for the Chev. replacement heads?
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