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Dave Gantz
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Default Re: Lane Choice

Originally Posted by Billy Nees View Post
Ernie, ya know, that's a pretty good idea!
Will the race to the lanes be with a handicapped start? :-)
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Kenney Kelley
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Default Re: Lane Choice

Originally Posted by Billy Nees View Post
Ernie, ya know, that's a pretty good idea!

Kenney Kelley
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Junior Member
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Default Re: Lane Choice

The guys who lay back, just want to say they were in the race longer than the other first round non-winnwer.
The danner Eater
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Greg Gay
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Default Re: Lane Choice

 Lane loading during qualifying –assign odd numbered lanes for LL and even for RL – let the competitors get the lane they want if possible – If the end of the session results in a single lane of competitors, the first competitor in the front of the line will receive the desired lane, the competitor immediately following will be put in the opposite lane. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD SINGLES BE RAN UNLESS THERE IS ONLY ONE LEFT.

One suggestion to this rule: The person who arrives last should have the least opportunity to choose a lane. The last car in line should have to take the first un-wanted lane choice. Then, the next last car should fill the next unwanted lane choice, etc., etc. The only argument that I can see against this would be it would require an official to police. However, there is generally someone running the staging lanes. We all know the procedure. That official could go to the back of the lanes and handle the pairings.
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B Aceves
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Default Re: Lane Choice

Funny coin flip story .
Racing Dan the man at Sonoma , he walked up and said I will flip you go ahead and call it . He flipped the Coin I called it the Coin lands in a crack standing straight up .. We both looked at each other and Dan said
Bro ! I've flipped a lot of coins in my days and never have had that happen as we both laughed . We Re flipped I got Lane choice . Had him covered on tree by a bunch then did a very poor job of driving the stripe . FML.😁😅
Bob Aceves,
746 E/SA
A&M motorsports
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Bob Bender
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Default Re: Lane Choice

Originally Posted by Ernie Neal View Post
Try giving the lane choice to the first driver reporting to staging with race car from a laddered pairing. In a race whereas alternates are used. The laddered competitor should receive the lane choice. Might help with the problem of racers laying back for what ever the excuse may be.

Seems random pairings works on the fly on lane assignment. I'm not saying I want all random pairing either.

If it remains coin flip in sportsman so be it, I will say, I am not a fan of the games associated with this method.

Ernie Neal
SS 354
Damn I would have lane choice for ever....
Bob Bender 144 O/SA
2010-2012 National Record Holder
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