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Default Dodges penalized.

Must now be 50 pounds heavier than everyone else. If that doesn't work, we'll add more. Politics again. I'm having a deja vu to 1973. I've been reminded why I left NHRA and stopped watching it in the first place. Thanks for the reminder before I spent too much money and energy in this. It isn't much of a showdown if NHRA picks and chooses the winners.
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Default Re: Dodges penalized.

History repeating itself . . .
Jeff Dudgeon
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Ron E
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Default Re: Dodges penalized.

Although a Dodge won I wonder if NHRA noticed that a Copo had low ET at the 2nd race. Its hard to understand how a brand that can do that gets a break.
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Milton Gamble
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Default Re: Dodges penalized.

Better get use to and expect changes. As the manufacturers take interest in this class each year they will come up with something "new and better" to make their product have an advantage (better).

There have been a few mentions and maybe adjustments regarding blowers. Someone more knowledgeable please correct me, but I think I was told that Dodge benefited and Ford was penalized a few years ago. In 2016 the Camaro had chassis and suspension changes that allowed more flexibility with weight distribution.

It's all about marketing
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