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View Poll Results: Could a class war in Super Stock be re-established?
Yes, with the right committe in place 53 49.07%
No, not worth the work or whining 18 16.67%
Things should stay as they are and all hope is lost for a SS/AA class war to work 10 9.26%
I could care less 27 25.00%
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Old 08-13-2008, 09:10 PM   #1
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Default True SS/AA Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

Okay guys, here is a good topic for discussion. Why can't there be a true class war. I personally love the SS/AH class, but I would much rather see all of the Top Dog's from each manufacturer go at each other like in the days of old. I think that if the right people and officials were put together to police it, that something like this could happen. Lets get some discussion on the topic. Mopar, AMC, Ford, and Chevy guys alike. What do you guys see as the problems with why nothing like this could happen?

Reoccurring Problems that may have happened in the past:

Poor management of constructing parity between each automobile manufacturers by NHRA tech dept.

Whiners and complainers from each manufacturer campaigning to get cars thrown out instead of reviewing possible ways to achieve equality.

Constant bombardment of weight penalties

Potential Cars for competition:

68 Hemi Darts and Barracudas

67-69 Chevy Corvettes and Camaros

64 Fairlane

69 AMX ?

Obviously, to run this class certain weight breaks will have to be reconstructed for parity. What would be the easiest way to achieve parity. I'm assuming weight would be the biggest factor here? If this happened, SS/AH would become SS/?

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Thumbs down Re: True Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

will NEVER happen....just a wish
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Julie Jordan
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Default Re: True Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

You know what's great about the SS/AH class (besides the fact that I'm a die-hard Mopar fan)? It's a "pure" class. Same engine combination. No weight factors, no AHFS disrepancies, no "that combination wasn't built" arguments. It pits driver vs. driver, engine builder vs. engine builder. There are no 1000' runs protecting a combo so they can clean house with others in their class. It's drag racing in its most basic element.
Julie Jordan 7549 STK
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Aaron Keown
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Default Re: True Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

Its a pretty cool idea,but IMHO the closest you will ever get to this is the current GT/A,B&C cars.The cars that that will be in these classes for indy cover a pretty broad spectrum and provide for some pretty tight class wars with cars from different manufactures.
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Chad Rhodes
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Default Re: True Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

the Hemi guys don't want ayone else in their playground, its that simple. Mopar wouldn't put up the money any more, i mean after all how would they feel about writing a check to a chevy. Then you also have the issue of how SS/AH is regualted, they have a little more leeway than the rest of SS. Although with the inner fender ruling earlier this year tehy appear to reigning it back in some
Chad Rhodes 2113 I/SA
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bill dedman
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Default Re: True Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

I have no answer for the "class war; how can we start one" question, but since the Hemi subject has come up, I have a comment ffor your perusal. Maybe I'm missing something, but this is how I see it:

The Hemis in question (the ones that used to run in SS/AA) are unique in several signifiicant ways, the MOST significant being that no one has yet built a car that can outrun them, generlly speaking. If you have watched these cars, from the outset (in 1968), one thing has stood out: Not Ford, nor G.M., nor American Motors has fielded a car with a power-to-weight ratio that could compete with them, heads up.

They had no trouble totally dominating their class (SS/AA) to the detriment of any other cars that tried to run competitively in that class.

When the rules were changed to give the the Hemis their own class, at least one consequence made itself known: Now, there was the real possibility that say, an L-88 Corvette, could achieve a class win in SS/AA. Brandon Wilkinson (with Kenny Schindler's magic) made that possible... something that would likely not have happened if the SS/AA Hemis had remained in that class.

At first blush, I was not aware that having been given their own class, the Hemis would not be allowed to race in SS/AA, instead of SS/AH, if that was their choce; after all, they still fit the class requirements (pounds per factored HP, etc.)

It seemed to me that running the former SS/AA Hemis in SS/AH should be an (elective) choice, not mandatory, since nothing changed about the cars except the newly-mandated class designation.

I was perrplexed, and more than a little bit incensed, to tell the truth.

But, after seeing how this move (to disallow the Hemis in SS/AA) has worked out, with some interesting possibilities developing for SS/AA, and the potential for spme newfound variety in a class that was, from its inception, a one-trick-pony, I have changed my mind.


At this point, I can't see a single way this rule change was detrimental to anybody.

It looks, for all the world, like a win/win situation, to me. NHRA doesn't seem to get much right these days, but I think they lucked into this one.... They say you can't make everybody happy, but I think everybody involved in splitting this class (and, on both sides iof the split) should be happy about it. I am.

Just my 2-cents...



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Alan Roehrich
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Default Re: True Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

Originally Posted by 1664SSJA View Post
Somebody better in the know than me might be able to clear something up for me.

I seem to remember that there WAS a CORVETTE that could have run with the AH cars, but it was not allowed in and then they made some change in the rules to keep that Corvette, ( and probably any others out) keeping it just all Hemi cars.

Am I right? And who was the Corvette??????

There were TWO 1967 L-88 Corvettes from Tennessee. One was from Murfreesboro, owned and driven by Tony Rhodes. The other was from the Nashville area, owned by Scott Wilcox, and often driven by Mike Lynch. Both ran SS/A. Tony Rhodes still has his car, just like it last ran. Not sure where Scott Wilcox's car went, but I'm sure some of the local SS racers like Jimmy Bridges and Kenny Schindler will know.

I was told by an NHRA official that some of the Mopar guys went to NHRA and complained that not enough 1967 L-88 Corvettes were built. NHRA gave the Corvette guys a year to come up with documentation, but GM said only 36 were built and sold in 1967. I think the story is also posted some where on class racer, but I could not find it when I searched for it.

At one time, not long ago, there were at least two, and possibly three, REAL 1967 L-88 Corvettes within 50-100 miles of here. One is of somewhat questionable heritage, but the other two were very real. Seems odd that there would be only 36 built, but two would be within 100 miles of each other. But GM provided documentation for only 36, so that appears to be it.

Back before any real Super Stock cars had run a legal eight second pass in qualifying or competition, there were a couple of articles about the "race to the eights". Mostly there were Hemi cars in the articles, but one article had a side bar featuring Tony Rhodes black SS/A 67 Corvette calling him the "dark horse".
Alan Roehrich
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Default Re: True Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

you mean these two? notice the lettering on the door of the wilcox car.....interesting.....adam

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Ronnie Smith Jr
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Default Re: True Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

I think Noel Davis bought Scott's Corvette some years back. Dad bought Scott's Chevy II in 87 or 88. You can see the back of the Chevy II in the pic above. Must have been prior to Dad purchasing the car. We campaigned it for a few years and then sold it. I believe Tony Rhodes has it now and put an auto in it. I have not seen either of the cars on the track in a few years.

For what it's worth...

Ronnie, Jr.
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Alan Roehrich
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Default Re: True Class War: Pros, Cons, and Why

Tony Jr. does have a 2 door post Chevy II he's running in Super Stock. Tony Sr. still has the Corvette, he's had it for as long as I can remember, I doubt he'll sell it.

I was thinking there were two Chevy II's at one time. And Jimmy Bridges had a SS/E Camaro. They were all painted the same or at least very similar.

I had heard Noel bought the Corvette as well. I don't know. There were several of those cars around here. I think Mike Robinson had two or three, at one time he had a 63 that he ran in F/Gas. And Jimmy has got a 66 he runs in SS/B.
Alan Roehrich
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