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Glenn Briglio
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Default Re: H-I-J '76 Nova re-fit.

Originally Posted by Hacksaw View Post
Several years ago ATI had a formula for the auto combo. Can't seem to find it anywhere.
I remember seeing it.......it was based on engine stroke alone ....I think lol
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FED 387
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Default Re: H-I-J '76 Nova re-fit.

there are various charts that have been around for quite a few years--- basically they all use rear gear ratio multiplied by first gear ratio---a guy named Dick Miller had a book out way back called""" hook & launch"""" or something like that where he used stroke and weight to calculate his numbers---others (Walcott) ATI etc. have charts that use tire diameters and other variables like HP to do their calculations---I believe that most of these are for AUTO trans cars not MANUAL trans cars---but even then those numbers might get you somewhat close as opposed to way out in left field trying to get a reasonably close ratio---bottom line is a 3000 lb car with a 5:00 gear and a 3:00 first gear making 400 HP and a 28-30 inch tire needs XXX ratio to be close ---you just have to figure that number out --- probably going to be somewhere about 10.00 -12.5 SLR probably----FED 387
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