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joe huestis
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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

Can't hang with the Dodges ? Then work on your stuff ! And yes I'm a Chevy guy too !
Joe Huestis
"Annie's Song" U/SA 2724
Wake Forest, NC
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Bill Marshall
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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

71,72 All over again. hey Dodge you sponsor a couple of races perhaps you should have a word with NHRA. time for the chevy and Ford guys to get to work. No one was upset when the copo cars were kicking butt the last few years
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Jack McCarthy
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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

Was pretty embarrassing that you all kicked thier *** at the Chevy us Nationals but it’s bull**** because you guys worked and improved from last year now you gotta tow a trailer ... if I hadn’t lost 40 pounds I’d volunteer to drive so you didn’t have to modify the vehicles

And BTW we missed you at Indy sir 😬
Jack McCarthy 3609 STK
"the Captain"
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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

Hey NHRA, leave it alone!!!! You finally have a heads up class that people are interested in watching and participating. Let the Ford and Chevy guys go to work and try to out run the Dodge's, that's what makes it a competition and brings the best out of every camp. And for the record I'm a FFFFord guy.

Bret Velde
2003 ???
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Class of 65
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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

Watching the posts on the Nats, and what scant TV coverage there was, I find the Factory Stock class more interesting than Pro Stock and believe it generates more interest in our sport than Pro Stock does. NHRA can and probably will tinker with this class until it is just another prevue for highlighting one particular brand - and it will die just as Pro Stock appears to be doing. Just my .02.
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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

Factory Stock Showdown is for the factory hot rods to rip it up. Here we go again, NHRA setting rules and then changing them.

Leave this class alone. Let the other guys (Ford and Chevy) work on their stuff and run with the Dodges.
Ron McDowell - Did Race
Loving life minute by minute
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Wayne Totaro
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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

NHRA just leave things alone! They have something that is good and is drawling fan interest and they have to screw with things.
J. Wayne Totaro 1117 STK
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Todd Hoven
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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

If you look at the first 2015 DragPac Dodge that made its debut in the spring of 2016 compared what is running now in 2018 that it still being called a 2015 they are very different cars. Cut out radiator supports, been at least 5 different blocks. A blower spacer and some other updates that just showed up on these cars. If you go to Ford and Chevrolet and want to buy parts to build a XX car you can go anywhere and buy the same parts these guys are running. With the Dodge you have to buy from DSR and that’s the only place you can get it. Only a few select people have been able to acquire replacement parts for these cars. Dodge makes and keeps developing new parts for the car they built 3 years ago without any prior approval from NHRA. This is not what the class was supposed to become.
There is more to this story than the world picking on Dodge. Plus they are 5 MPH faster than any of the other competition. There are real good
people working on Chevrolet’s and Fords. When they are a 10th + behind that’s a problem. .06 or so that’s just a slight advantage.

Is 50 pounds really going to hamstring this dominant cars? Absolutely not. They will still be a tenth ahead of everyone else. To keep the class growing, exciting and maintain some parody some concessions have to be made for the good of the class. If it was a Chevrolet or Ford dominance it would should still be wise to do the same. Keep your heart out of your judgement and look at the class as a whole.
Todd Hoven 1035 Stock

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kdanner's Avatar
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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

Like Jeff said, it's more than just the showdown cars. For example, why is the 2015 Camaro SS shipping weight only 3320, a good 500 lbs less than what they actually are? The 2010 has what appear to be far more legitimate weights, 3780 automatic and 3849 stick. Are there other examples where the weight is that far from reality?

EDIT: I did find another one. 2009-2013 Challengers at 3600 lbs. That's every bit as bogus.
Kristofer Danner STK 468

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Default Re: Make the Chevrolet Win

Originally Posted by Jim Cimarolli View Post
I see your point Jeff, but the older Chevy stuff, some of it anyway is rated out of competition, like my 69 Nova, 396 iron head rated @ 412. Only has to weigh 3875 in C/SA.

I'm also with you here Jim.
1969 camaro AA/S-B/S 5664
1969 camaro G/SA (Uncle Tony)
1967 camaro A/S SOLD (Dads)

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