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Default Re: Trailer Wheel Bearing Issue

Originally Posted by Rick Bailey View Post
Being a retired UPS mechanic and seeing my fair share of trl bearings ....going to Timken is a great move.
Then get you a temp gun... and after an hour or so of towing pull over , in a safe area of course .... shoot the temp of all tire tread surface and side wall and then shoot the hubs ... record all info and then analyze .... This can tell you a lot about your load placement and maybe where to move the load around to equalize temps and weight on each tire.
you can also test with an empty trailer to see the big picture !

Hope this helps !

I have a temp gun just never did shoot the bearings.
We stop every few hours of travel and I always just feel the tires and bearings caps with my hands. In the summer the tires are pretty hot to the touch but that was what I expected in the hot summer days running on the hot pavement.
When we go out next time I will have the temp gun in the cab with me and do just as you suggested.
It may be interesting when I look at the results as the high temps on our next trip should be close to 100 degrees in the afternoon.
This has to be one of the best places to ask questions as you get some very good suggestions and answers to issues with all the experience on the site.
Thanks to all.
Rick Cates
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Rick Bailey
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Default Re: Trailer Wheel Bearing Issue

Rick, Hope this helps !

Party On !!!
Rick Bailey 3439 SC
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Default Re: Trailer Wheel Bearing Issue

First update on the issue.
I have the front axle completely rebuilt. New hubs, new brakes, new Timken USA made bearings.
I relocated the storage in the attic so the weight would be in the center of the trailer.
One thing I noticed after rebuilding the axle I had the trailer up in the front about 2 inches to get some weight off the front axle when working on it. When putting up tools and all I noticed that the trailer was more stable when walking into and out of it with the front up just that 2 inches.
I visited the trailer sales place today and asked about that or if I was just reaching. The owner told me there if the front is up it should balance the load a little more to the back end of the trailer with a spring type triple axle.
I have always pulled the trailer with it very level on my driveway which is also very level.
The trailer sales owner suggested I try pulling it this next time with the 2 inches up in the front and see what happens. My next step on the hitch is 2 1/4 inches so that is what I am going to try.
I am also going to check the tire and bearing temps ever couple of hours while traveling next week on a 550 mile trip. I am hoping that the temps tell me something about the balance on the trailer.
I will be posting more updates as we take our trip.
Thanks again for everyone that posted suggestions.
All were thoughtful and I appreciate them.
Rick Cates
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