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Ronnie Smith Jr
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Default Garage floor tire stains

I renovated my garage in the spring and as part of the renovation I laid down Sherwin Williams brand Shield Crete epoxy floor stain (tan) with the chips and sealer coat. My issue is that the daily drivers are parked on the floor and the marks from the tires are staining the floor. I have used Simple Green, Bleche White, Castrol wheel cleaner, Spray 9 and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers in an attempt to pull up and clean off the tire stains - but to no avail. Interested in what members are using to keep their floors clean of tire marks and stains. I am currently using cut rubber floor mats on the floor underneath where the tires rest. It is ok for the minivan but the weight of the Suburban on the rubber floor mats is causing them to stain the floor too. The minivan is daily driven but the Suburban sits for days at a time. I am also interested in what members are using on their floors underneath the tires for the vehicles to rest on other than the pricey floor mats such as these:



Looking forward to your advice and suggestions.
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Default Re: Garage floor tire stains

Most of my stains have been when I put the street cars in with hot tires.
Now I wait until the tires are cool to the touch before parking in the shop.
That seen to eliminate some of the problems but not all.
John Irving
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Keith 944
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Default Re: Garage floor tire stains

try a hand cleaner like fast orange or something with a little grit (pumice) in it.
Sorry, no suggestions on the floor mats, I am just not that picky
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