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Alan Warman
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Default Re-poed 2009 SRT Challenger

How do you find out if a car is on a re-po list? I have had this car at my shop for 14 months in Texas. The only way I have been able to get in contact with the owner is through e-mail. Every time I e-mail him he says that he will send money, but never does. I have heard that the car is to be re-poed or a rumor that he has reported it stolen. A re-po would have a difficult time finding the car asd the owner lives 250 miles away. They say that I cannot file a mechanic's lein on the car as I only build 2-3 cars a year. The car is in pieces, motor is blown-up, transmission is burnt up, the only redeeming factor is that it is a 2009 SRT Challenger. He has supplied $3000 for engine parts that have been purchased and we are awaiting the remainder of the funds to complete the engine/transmission rebuild. I would hate to make this car a Drag Pack clone. Any info will be greatly appreciated
Alan Warman
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Default Re: Re-poed 2009 SRT Challenger

I would double check on the mechanic's lien. I am not sure of TX laws, but if you are claiming a business on taxes, and have receipts and can document your time on this job, I would think you have a claim. Also remember, you can legally in most states claim a set amount for storage per day.
I would find a TX mechanic you know and trust, and see how it works.
I know there are a few different TX shop owners on here at times... sure some of them have been thru this.
Also, google TX auto mechanic lien law. There is a lot there that might help.
Good luck.
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Tom Moock
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Default Re: Re-poed 2009 SRT Challenger

Alan, What state is the car from? You should be able to find out lien holder by contacting title dept. for that state, also you can charge storage so much per day and the lien holder as to pay you to get the car released and pay repair bill if they want to have you release the car to them, I haul repo and dealer cars in Ne. and Mo. you mite call a Chrysler dealer and have them run the serial #, they can tell were the car was bought new & maybe can find lien holder. Tom
Tom Moock 5704 STK
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danny waters sr
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Thumbs up Re: Re-poed 2009 SRT Challenger

Run serial # and get a DMV print out of registration and it should have leinholder info on that print out....then call lein holder with serial # to verify....that's what we do in N.C
Danny Waters, Sr / 73 Duster "340"
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Bobby Lundholm
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Default Re: Re-poed 2009 SRT Challenger

File for an abandoned vehicle title. You have to give the owner a month or so to come get the car and if they don't it's yours.
Bobby Lundholm 3516 G/SA
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RJ Sledge
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Default Re: Re-poed 2009 SRT Challenger


I went thru this about 5 years ago on a enclosed trailer. Texas Motor Vehicle Dept told me to file a mech lein on a vehicle that I had to have a signed work order and to charge storage I had to have a sign that was visible stating what the charges were per day.

I had the trailer for about 8 months and finally had DMV run the serial number to make sure it was not stolen (lic plate was for a flat bed trlr). I got a copy of the lic receipt and it showed a lein from a lender in Denver. I called and they told me that they were not interested in paying me anything, and to go ahead and file a mech lein. I ask them if they would be willing to sell the trailer outright and we made a deal.

So take the ID number and lic number down to the local DMV office and explain what happened and they will charge you about $5.00 for a Lic Receipt that will have all the info you need with regards to the name of the lein holder.

RJ (Texas)

PS $10,000.00 fine and 5 years in the big house for bogus paper work

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