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Chipper Chapman
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Default Motorhome Muffler

I just bought an ‘03 Chevy C class with an 8.1L. I was underneath checking it out and noticed one of gms greater ideas, the factory 2-3/4” dual exhaust runs to just ahead of the middle then into a factory collector that necks it down to 2-1-2” single with single in/outlet muffler. I plan to put a tune into it for a little better mileage but knowing how restricted gm’s mufflers are I want to put something better on that’s not very loud. I’m thinking single muffler with dual inlet/outlet. What is a decent muffler that isn’t going to make me hate driving my new motorhome?
Chris Chapman
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Default Re: Motorhome Muffler

I sent my Ford 460" motorhome to a shop to put dual exhaust on, cost over 800 bucks, crappy work and it sounded like a Blue Bird bus, hated it! Soooo after a year I took some measurements and went to an auto recycle ( junk yard ). Found an almost new muffler and pipes from a Dodge diesel truck. 100 bucks. Did the fab work myself. Happy again.
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FED 387
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Default Re: Motorhome Muffler

My neighbor had a situation like yours he looked at Flowmaster mufflers I'm sure there are others out there------he also told me that if you go to the Flowmaster sight they have a link to "youtube" so that you can actually hear the different models of mufflers for the same application--- also he was told to have the tailpipe exit out the side of the MH not the back as the sound will bounce off the front of the trailer ---At least 2 1/2 to 3 inches away from the body or the sound will get trapped underneath the MH too.. Good luck
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