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Ed Wright
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Default Re: Drag Racing analyzer

Originally Posted by Mike Carr View Post
From stories I read, the Matty Box was like a cruise control. If the car was ahead of it's on-track point (running quick), the throttle stop would kick on to slow the car down to run it's number. If it was behind it's on track point (running slow), the N20 would engage, pick the car up, and run dead-on it's dial.
And tech could not find a throttle stop or nitrous? Must have been used on .90 cars.
Sounds like wheel standers would screw it up. What kind of satisfaction could a cheater possibly have? I don't get it.
Thanks for the explanations.
Ed Wright 4156 SS/JA
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Mike Carr
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Default Re: Drag Racing analyzer

Yes, it was in .90 cars, running at the Moroso 5 -Day bracket races in November 1999. I'm pretty sure I read that, indeed, a wheelstand would mess it up.
Mike Carr, Tri-State S/SS Association President
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Jim Kaekel
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Default Re: Drag Racing analyzer

Unfortunately, some crooks always seem to be one step ahead of the law. I think that there was a "big name" racer or two that had these devices back in the '90's until NHRA became aware of the technology and actually put the wording in the rule book that it was illegal. I think that the racer(s) got rid of them at that point, knowing that sooner or later the ***** was going to hit the fan (Moroso/Norwalk protests & dirty dozen controversies) and they didn't want to face the suspension or embarrassment. The sad truth is that a lot of winnings were collected with this technology before the NHRA or IHRA was aware of it.
Jim Kaekel 3836 STK
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Default Re: Drag Racing analyzer

Will throw my .02 in.

During that time there was a showdown at a big money race at Atco.
People were watching in the stands and the culprit was not looking at his opponent at all just staring at the tach going through and going dead on.. When the crowd gathered and officials asked for an inspection the car and driver loaded up and left.

The explanation was that the tach was not a tach at all but an indicator. If when approaching the finish line if it read a predetermined set RPM you would be going dead on. Lower you were slow & higher you were fast.

In this scenario there was no throttle or nitrous controller. The driver controlled slowing down & speeding up.

The Matty Box I believe is still for sale.
It used a wheel counter on a front wheel. The pickup was the tell tale. But why can't you use drive shaft RPM?? Make your wheel stander dead hook and it will work fine.

That's why external inputs other than engine sensors are not allowed to be connected to EFI ECU with internal data logging. Brings this issue on board as well as traction control.
Frank Ferrucci J/SA 1271
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Troy Pourciau
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Default Re: Drag Racing analyzer

Troy "City Dog" Pourciau

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Mark Yacavone
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Default Re: Drag Racing analyzer

Mr Raymond and his assistant Top Fool could hide all that stuff and then some.Nobody ever found it ;-)
"120 Million Americans Have Died of Coronavirus"
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Default Re: Drag Racing analyzer

I heard something about a camcorder being used to launch the car, via infrared, while videoing the whole starting line from burnout box. Friend says he stepped in front of the crew/wife and she was more than agitated. Up to that point, I was told, this 62/3 Chevy had cut .002 lights all day. If I'm not mistaken this was a Higher dollar bracket race at TriState Dragway in Hamilton, Ohio.
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RJ Sledge
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Default Re: Drag Racing analyzer

It all starts with having a "Counter" to be able to place your car in the same spot every time you stage. It may not always be the exact spot, but very close.
Ron Garey and I watched a SS driver in Dallas in the early 90's use one.

World Champion as I remember, I could be mistaken at my age.


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