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Jeff Stout
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Default Re: Leaving before Tree question

Originally Posted by Rich Biebel View Post
I wanted to add....

Earlier it was said that if you LBTA you were in violation of going down track when the starter did not clear you to. That would get you DQ'ed possibly..

Well once you are given the signal to do a burnout and stage the only way the starter is going to stop you from continuing is to hit the flashing reds on the tree and then walk out to motion you to hold or back up.....

You're not in violation of anything if you were cleared to burnout and stage.....and not signaled in some way to NOT attempt to take the tree....
I would have to disagree. If I have a car that is slow getting off track or a employee given the ok by the starter to go out a pick up a piece of paper off track or score boards are not up to date with the new dial ins I dont feel as a starter I need to flash reds as I would be doing that all day long. The track is not ready until starter flips the switch and auto start takes over. I think keeping the event flowing it is ok to start your burnout but doesn't give you the ok to race down an unsafe track. Just my opinion and I let the racers know before event what gets you DQed. Also off topic but if racers made tire smoke at the finish line they were done.
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Rich Biebel
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Default Re: Leaving before Tree question

Tire smoke gets a warning generally....once. Unless you lost control of your car.

The dial ins are assumed correct if you stage, you as the racer accepted what's on your board.

Starter is usually back a little ways from starting line and almost always hits the flashing reds rather than just try to get drivers attention. The reds will alert them there is a problem.

All this is up to the Starter so if you are doing that job, its your call....along with possibly the race or division director....
Rich Biebel
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Default Re: Leaving before Tree question

Originally Posted by Lenny5160 View Post
I don't know that this rule clears anything up. I assume the start signal is one (or more) of the amber lights flashing on the tree, but the 'or' muddies it all up. It basically is just the starter's call but there is no basis given for how the starter would decide that.
This was for Wild Wild West comment about being DQ'd for crossing the center line boundry.

BTW, It was nice talking with you in Topeka.
Dan Foley
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Default Re: Leaving before Tree question

Originally Posted by voltdr View Post
BTW, It was nice talking with you in Topeka.
Nice meeting you too, Dan!
Tony Leonard
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