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Default Re: Ok....just curious...Clutchflites....

I can't remember the guys name that ran it orginally but there was a B/FX car called the RoadRunner. I think it was a 65 Dodge with a 383 Hemi and a ClutchFlite.

I saw the car at Ted DeTar's shop in 1966. If I remember correctly (and that could go either way), the transmission used something like a power steering pump run off the engine in lieu of pumps in the transmission.

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Chris "drooze" Wertman
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Default Re: Ok....just curious...Clutchflites....

Thats right, I forgot.....yep....no go there, duh...hmmm oh well, someone else mentioned a PS Pump which I had seen on something else, but I was always unsure of volume and pressure its not exactly like its the intended use.....seemed like a bit of an odd hack even for me, then again it may be just fine, or maybe something industrial/trucking would suffice.

Originally Posted by Alan Roehrich View Post
The rear pump only works when the vehicle is moving, so running the rear pump only won't work.
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Alan Roehrich
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Default Re: Ok....just curious...Clutchflites....

You need approximately 300 psi to make it really work, because you need to have more than enough pressure to make the pressure regulator work all the time. You do not need a lot of volume, since you are not filling the converter constantly, what you are doing is cooling the internals (but most of the heat comes from the converter, which you no longer have) applying the clutches and bands, and lubricating what moves.
Alan Roehrich
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Default Re: Ok....just curious...Clutchflites....

I used to have a B&M clutchflite the bell was sawed off similar to the way you do for ultra bells now had adapter that went on pump to hook to scatter shield.I think with clutch setups we have know would be easier on parts.You couldn't keep parts in Nashes with clutch setups that about everyone ran back then and I say clutches that didn't slip broke alot of clutchflites also.Years ago we thought if the clutch slipped any that was bad LOL. You put clutches like that in front of strongest trans you can buy today it will break. I think a good soft clutch setup would really benifit a clutch automatic,clutch sliding on gear changes would really smooth gear changes.I don't think there's any advantage with clutch auto anymore ,but todays technology applied to trans and clutch would be big improvements,and they would be fun,and different.
Mike Taylor 3601
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Default Re: Ok....just curious...Clutchflites....

From my memory NHRA outlawed "clutched" automatic trans because of the severe and uncontrollable explosions of the transmissions when they were being used in the early model "funny cars"....they were being used behind engines that were progressively getting higher outputs (more nitro and bigger blowers).....they were attractive for these applications because you could drop the hammer at any rpm point and not really worry about missing a shift as long as it didn't blow up....there wasn't any type of ballistic materials or shields to protect the driver or fans from the shrapnel.....the most violent trans explosions I've ever seen were from clutched auto transmissions, one even blowing most of the tranny's internal parts and most of the case through the interior and out through the roof of the doorslammer.....I am sure that if you call tech they will tell you not to even think about showing up with one of those in any vehicle for competition.....

D L Rambo
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