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Pony Pilot
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Default Annual Slick Selection Debate

I've been running the Goodyear D1984 slick for over 10 years. I don't really have an issue with them, but every year I wonder if another tire might be better. Then I usually chicken out and go back to what I know. My car is an 800hp SST Mustang, 2830 lbs. I like a stiff sidewall for reaction time, and am now looking at the Hoosier 18260 tire. The biggest difference I see is the 1984 is a relatively hard compound and the Hoosier is soft. I was wondering if any of you have experience with both tires and what your opinions are regarding wear, 60 ft consistency, and ability to hold air to run tubeless. At $300+ a piece either way, a bad decision is somewhat pricey!
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Default Re: Annual Slick Selection Debate

I had used the GY 1672 fir years. I recently changed to the Hoosier 18260. I'm happy I made the change.
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Default Re: Annual Slick Selection Debate

Hoosiers are about the only brand of tire I have ever run that don't need tubes to keep air in them..................

No rim screws, no bead locks, 20 psi in my 29.5x10.5's and no issues. Little less power than you, only 9.50@142 @ 3300lbs.
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Default Re: Annual Slick Selection Debate

I would encourage you to take a close look at MTís. I have run both Hoosier and GY, and both are good tires. Yes the MTís do leak air, even if you soap them before mounting, but they are more consistent and grip well in almost all conditions. The leaking air is not beg deal, just check your car every week if it is sitting and put a few pounds in them. I have been running the stiff sidewall 3074íS and the 3084ís and the 60í couldnít be more consistent. Talk to some of the guys running MTís at your local track and see what they say. Trust me, you wonít be sorry.
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1968 SS
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Smile Re: Annual Slick Selection Debate

M/T have fixed their leaking side walls. 3084s is the tire you want and the only tire you need in a X8 or L8 compound!
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Default Re: Annual Slick Selection Debate

Take a look at the Hoosier 18245. Same contact patch as a 14x32 and has a stiff sidewall. I've had great luck with them.
Low and Slow
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