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Default Old man on a Moped...

An old man, riding a Moped, looking like he was near a hundred years old, pulls up to a Doctor in a shiny new sports car, at a street light.

The old man looks over and asks, Nice, what kind of car you got there sonny?

The Doctor proudly replies; A Ferrari GTO. It costs a half million dollars.

Wow, that is a lot of money. I know it is pretty, said the old man. But why does it cost so much?

Because it can do 320 miles per hour, and has a virgin leather seats, and all natural tiger maple wood trim, and a terrific sound system; proudly states the Doctor.

Pretty impressive the old man said, mind if I look inside?

No problem the Doctor says, and the Old man sticks his head inside, looks around, and was pretty impressed. Yes indeed the old man says. A real fine car. But I will just stick with my Moped.

Just as the light changes, The Doctor waves goodbye to the old man, and decides to show what this car can do.

He floors the Ferrari, and within seconds, his speedometer reads 160.

Suddenly, in his rear view mirror, he see a tiny speck that is growing larger and larger. It seems to be getting closer and closer. He starts to slow the Ferrari to see what it could be, and suddenly whooooshhhhh. Something whips past him going much faster!

What on earth could be faster than my half million dollar Ferrari? the Doctor asked himself. But he wasn't ready to give up yet.

He stepped harder on the gas pedal, and the Ferrari responds. He now is doing over 250 miles per hour, and he was catching up with what had passed him. It was the old man on the Moped. He was shocked but no Moped would beat his Ferrari, so he pressed harder on the gas, 270 MPH, and he passed the Moped, and was well ahead of him.

He felt much better now, but once again the dot in rear view window grew larger and larger. It was the Moped again.

The Doctor really stepped down hard, and the Ferrari was doing top speed at 320 MPH. And here comes Moped.

But this time, the Moped doesn't pass the Doctor. He runs right into the back of the Ferrari. They both slow to a stop, and the Doctor is amazed that old man is still alive.

Leaning down and lifting the old man's head, he said, I am a Doctor.
Is there anything I can do for you.

Yes, whispered the old man, "unhook my suspenders from your side view mirror."

The New Hemi Guy

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Default Re: Old man on a Moped...

David, you made my day.....Frank
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Great one!!! Jim

Jim Wahl....NHRA #2239 S/SS - IHRA # 8 Stock, D2 Stock Champion (forever I guess)
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