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Default What Throttle Stop to use?

Ok, so I have gotten my car almost all back together and am in need of some advise as to what throttle stop is best. I want to try to run some S/G races this year and the car all out will run low 9's, but there is a little more to this setup.

Car is a small tire (currently 275/60's) 28x10.5 deal on aftermarket "Stock" suspension. The car works very well and can cut a tree with no issues and consistent 60'. I have been looking and have heard numerous thoughts on the inline and under carb stops, but before I decide to buy one, wanted to ask what the majority is using and why?

With just 3 1/2 weeks till the NHRA Div 2 opener in Orlando I wont have much time to play with it, let alone the car is still getting its required updates to be 100% S/G legal. We will more than likely be learning how to use the new stop at the first race, if I decide to use it at all, and just try something else. But moving forward we have 2 cars that will be running the supper classes and want both of them on the same system. My sons dragster currently has an inline but I dont like the way the linkage works.
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Keith 944
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Default Re: What Throttle Stop to use?

Call Gary at number one stop products he will definitely walk you through the process and pick out the best stop for you
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Tom Goldman
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Default Re: What Throttle Stop to use?

I agree with Keith .
Short of going to an APD throttle stop carb ,the #1Stop is the best.
I use the Stinnett version with larger butterflies ,ball bearings and a merge base .
Definitely worth the extra $$.
Tom Goldman 1500 SG , 1506 STK
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Default Re: What Throttle Stop to use?

x3 on #1 Stop.
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Default Re: What Throttle Stop to use?

I just started throttle stop racing last year...initially with an inline, but quickly went with the under carb (#1 Stop). Consistency improved significantly with the under carb. The only downside was I lost almost 3 mph. Well worth it though.
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Bill Baer
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Default Re: What Throttle Stop to use?

Having used both kinds I have found the under the carb stop to be the most consistent and I also consider it to be safer. If you accidentally activate it nothing happens unless you have the throttle on the carburetor open.
I too use and would recommend #1 stop products.
Bill Baer 3391 SC, 339B SC, QR
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S/C Danny V
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Default Re: What Throttle Stop to use?

One stop is only way to go....I highly recommend implementing the air release for coming off the stop. You can control rate at which blades Open back up to lessen chance of wheel spin.
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Default Re: What Throttle Stop to use?

I will throw my .02 in as well.

I will agree with just about everyone here, Gary with #1 Stop is just about as good as it gets. For many, many years we had #1 Stop and Stinnett carbs on our super gas, street, and comp cars. They all worked great! And Gary's customer service is great as well.
A couple years back, when APD came out with there Max Speed throttle stop carb, we bought one for the super gas car to see how well we liked it. What we found was, it layed down on the stop just as good as the #1 Stop, but was about 3 mph faster. For that reason alone, we now have the APD Max Speed carb on all 3 cars. And all 3 have sped up between 2-4 mph. To me, that is easy hp. One thing to remember on the APD is to run them EXACTLY how John and Joe tell you too. They know what they are talking about, and there customer service after the sale has been wonderful.

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with either throttle stop setup. Both work well enough to win races and championships. And both have great people to work with.
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Default Re: What Throttle Stop to use?

X 2 on the APD Max Speed, love mine and like sst5167 said, listen to what John, Joe or Randy tells you on setting them up and you won't be disappointed.
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Default Re: What Throttle Stop to use?

I hate to admit my stupidity here but I put the APD Max Speed carb. on my Super Gasser two years ago and I still can't dial the thing. It really doesn't dial any better than the Quick Fuel carb. using an in-line stop. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong.
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