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richie 2
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Default D1 70;s SS/history question?

tks lads... The SS/I BENNETT & SIRIANNI Camaro was one tough customer in the north east.... love to hear any storys/info on those guys & that car.. I loved seeing them at san-air back then...ronnie & carl inspired me...

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Default Re: D1 70;s SS/history question?

The story as told to me. The car was a terror and it rarely lost a round. They had a mishap and barrel rolled it several times, major damage as you can imagine. They sold it as is to Ihor Fedun and he stripped off all the "good" stuff and scrapped the rest. That car had the trickest 10 bolt rear anybody ever saw. Those guys were pretty sharp.
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Mark Yacavone
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Default Re: D1 70;s SS/history question?

The 67 car was actually made into a 68 car, after a horsepower hit. Wanting to stay in "I", they changed the existing car over.
Those of you that know Camaros realize that it ain't as easy as it looks.
Real life never quite adds up...

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Bob Don
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Default Re: D1 70;s SS/history question?

Here's a pic:
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Bob Don 1228 STK
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Default Re: D1 70;s SS/history question?

I believe that is the car that made me park my SS/I Roadrunner in favor of a SS/E 427 Chevelle. Lol
Gary Hansen - SS/FA 4911, B/SA 4911
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Dave Ley
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Default Re: D1 70;s SS/history question?

Absolute killer car ! Remember it well. They were always the first car to the lanes when SS was called.
Dave Ley
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Default Re: D1 70;s SS/history question?

Their cars were always awesome! The hardest working Super Stock team i had the pleasure knowing.
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Marc White
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Default Re: D1 70;s SS/history question?

One bad *** SS/I car..And Ronnie could wheel that 4 spd like no other. I had always heard that the dome light would come on when he swapped feet. Could be BS, I never saw it happen in person.
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Rich Biebel
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Default Re: D1 70;s SS/history question?

I liked the wheels they ran at one time....Don't recall exactly what wheel it was but looked good. Maybe Motorwheel Flys....

Carl had 2 fast Stockers before the SS Camaro and Ronnie had his own car and they both won pretty regularly at Etown

Carl had an early Nova in M/S that I think he crashed and then a Camaro in G/S...Ronnie had a big car I think....maybe a '64 Impala...283 stick

Carl went 11.99 at York in the Camaro when the G/S record was in the 12's...and he was a flagship car out of T/K's.....

I don't know if the SS Camaro was built from that G/S car or not.

Ronnie was much lighter then Carl and I guess that's one of the reasons he ended up driving...

SS was not real healthy around then.....No breakout rules and just a handful of cars seemed to win......and car counts were low.

Many guys never moved from the old stock to SS in 1972.....It took some time and some rules changes to make it healthy again.......

Just my memories....and the bottom line is the Bennett and Sirianni car.....was a great car to see run back then.....
Rich Biebel
S/C 1479
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Pistol Pete
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Default Re: D1 70;s SS/history question?

I started racing super stock in 1974.
Carl & Ronnie were a class act and would
always lend a hand if you needed it.
They pretty much cleaned up at Englishtown
on a weekly basis.
For national events you had to win class in
order to race in the eliminator and I'm
not sure what year it was but along came
Don Bowles in a SS/I Mustang.
His car was wicked fast and pretty sure
he won class a lot.
Not sure what year Carl & Ronnie went
to the Super Mod Class.
That's 1 class that NHRA should've kept.
It was Jr. Pro/S so to speak.
I think 1 yr there were 25 C/SM at
Englishtown. Only the winner got into
Modified Eliminator.
Definitely a fun class to watch.
"Pistol" Pete Dutko
No car at the moment
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