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Mike Pearson
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Default Re: Dodge going Electric

Originally Posted by mnmaxwedge View Post
I wonder how all the Tesla drivers are doing in Texas this week?
I know one thing the lithium battery in my race car does not like cold weather. It struggles to start the car when the weather is real cold. I just hook up the 16 v charger to it like a jump box and it starts. Once its warmed up then it works good all day. in the future I will warm the battery with a small heater in the cold weather.
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Default Re: Dodge going Electric

I'm a little late to this post... but the realistic-ness of the entire country investing in the infrastructure to support only electric vehicles is a pipe dream.. it wont happen. we cant even take of the roads we already got..

Second as soon as these car companies decide to push back hard enough.. the damage to the planet these electric car are doing will be exposed.. the mining and disposal practices are just as bad if not worse than the fossil fuel productions and emissions..

Third.. I would put money on some version of hydrogen powered vehicles whether is a blend with gasoline or something else becoming the gold standard moving forward and electric becoming a popular metro area solution.
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Default Re: Dodge going Electric

This is my take on cold batteries, there was a guy down here with a battery powered porsche drag car.

He lost 1/2 second with warm batteries.

Just my $.02.
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Default Re: Dodge going Electric

Originally Posted by devo340 View Post
GM announced yesterday, they will be all electric by 2035.
I guess I have bought my last new Corvette.
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