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Default Re: AHRA index racing

I believe a little compromise on electronics would make the AHRA version a lot more palatable for all. Lack of spectators seems to be the big problem, and spectators would have no idea if there were a delay box or rpm shifter on board. We turned a 9.50 car into a deadly 10.00 index car with a 3000 launch chip, altering shift points and a bolt under the loud pedal. Class was a blast and extremely competitive. So keep most of the aftermarket electronics(and manufacturers), run heads up that makes more sense to the casual fan, and the only ones hurt are the throttle stop manufacturers. I would gladly put my stop in the trash can if everyone else did.

And another aside, Dragway 42 is running an 8 race index series with no stops or delay boxes. A little more challenging but level playing field for all. May be the way of the future to try and put some fans back into the stands.
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Default Re: AHRA index racing

Originally Posted by Wild Wild West View Post
It is true that .90 racing is boring to most all spectators, but that is because they really don't understand how the game is played. It is far from boring to the drivers that participate in the .90 classes. Besides, most spectators are not at a National Event to watch the .90 classes.
I'll be straight forward with you, I issued the bounty for the class and was a little disappointed that there was no manual trans guys that were willing to run the class and go after the cash. I was in the stands with $10K to pay the racer to win. The definition of a Drag Race in the dictionary is an acceleration contest between two vehicles. The only Drag Racing occurring in SG class is between the fans leaving the stands and how fast they can clear out. Is that not an indicator as to whats wrong.....the fans leaving the stands when you run? I sure as hell feel it is! The next thing is lets put this in perspective of children running a foot race. Did you ever run a foot race and "Hold Back"? I doubt it! That's why it does not translate well. Lastly, the class is all about the last few feet at the stripe, where are the stands.......No wonder no one wants to watch this type of racing. They cannot see the action. It's not that I do not understand the class as I have my own SG car, its that I understand what Drag Racing is and maybe you do not. Lets logically think about the way the .90 classes are run. Originally SG was established as the premier Sportsman Class to showcase your skill with an index of 9.90 grown directly out of SoCal Pro Gas Association, not your electronics management class of today. The class was so beloved that EVERY SS/DI and National Dragster was filled with information and sponsors supporting this class up until Jegs built a car with a stop in the 90's. It was an all out class that was for the best of the best skilled sportsman. The cars were home built machines that used to leave tires up on the bumper and had tons of fans in the stands to cheer you on. Now its the opposite and you feel there is nothing wrong.....That's whats wrong, don't be so gullible. That is what I was attempting to fix. The Bounty will come back around and you will have another chance to win the cash, so be ready next time or call and get some clarification. There were many that fit within the rules, you just had to lose the stop and delay box. I want your class to Kick *** like it did before stops and electronics and was putting up an incentive for it to be that way again so you could remember what it was like to run the class with its original intent in mind. I was not discriminating against any racer or car, you just had to Man Up and run with some old school skill if you wanted my cash!
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Default Re: AHRA index racing

Originally Posted by Wicked Chicken View Post
I'll be straight forward with you, I issued the bounty for the class and was a little disappointed that there was no manual trans guys that were willing to run the class and go after the cash.
I admire what you've done, but with the grade point requirement it isn't like a bunch of guys could take their 4-speed car out of mothballs and enter the Winternationals.

I personally don't give a rip about spectators when I'm competing, but I'd lay much of the blame for spectator behavior on how the national events are marketed. All nitro, and every ticket's a pit pass so you can watch the guys rebuild them between runs! So, that's what the people watch.
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